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Dialogue: Education of Children in America


Almas: Do your children go to school?

Michael: My son is in his freshman year at a technical college and my daughter goes to junior high school.

Almas: What does it mean – «junior high school»?

Michael: In most schools in the USA today the twelve grades of school are divided into six years of elementary training, three years of junior high school and the last three years of senior high school.

Almas: Now I understand. Is the education compulsory in the USA?

Michael: Yes. All states require every girl and boy to go to school starting with the age of six.

Almas: What about higher education? Is it expensive in America?

Michael: It is rather expensive. Many American students get financial support from their parents or relatives.

Almas: Can American students go to the university free of charge?

Michael: Everyone must pay the tuition fee. Its amount varies from state to state. This creates a financial hard-ship for some young people. However, each University offers a number of scholarships to deserving students.

Almas: Are scholarships given only by universities?

Michael: Not really. Scholarships come from different sources: state authorities, private persons, US Army, various churches and funds. Some young people can even get their scholarships for their athletic ability. Some are given for scholastic abilities. You have to compete to get your scholarship. You must do well, excel in something, show superior academic achievement.

Almas: Does your son know what he wants to major in?

Michael: Not for sure. He hasn`t made up his mind yet, but I think it will be either mechanical or civil engineering.

Almas: That is a very good career for a boy.

Michael: Perhaps it is. We wanted him to be a lawyer but he is keen on building bridges and things like that. That`s why he applied for admission to a technical college last year.

Almas: Let`s hope he will be a good engineer.

Resource № 3

Topical vocabulary

junior high school - младшая ступень высшей школы

the tuition fee - платa за обучение

financial hard-ship - финансовые затруднения

scholarship – стипендия

state authorities – государственные учреждения

compulsory – обязательный

free of charge – бесплатно

deserving students - прилежные (достойные) студенты

Resource № 4

Put the verbs in brackets in Present Perfect.

He _____ (finish) training. She _____ (score) twenty points in the match. We _____ (watch) all the Champions League matches this season. That's amazing! She _____ (run) fifteen kilometers this morning! She _____ (buy) some really nice rollerblades! Oh, no! I _____ (lose) my money! My mum _____ (write) shopping list. It's on the kitchen table. Dad, you _____ (eat) my biscuit! I’m tired. I _____ (watch) three X-Files videos. Hurry up! They _____ (start) the film! Mary _____ (study) hard this year, so she'll pass her exams. Oh no! She _____ (drop) the plate! The garden is very green. It _____ (rain) a lot this month. These are my favourite trousers. I _____ (have) them for five years. Tom's my best friend. I _____ (know) him for three years. They _____ (live) in Miami for two years. Jo has earache. He _____ (have) it since 7 o'clock. Brad _____ (live) in Chicago since 1998.

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