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The project will cost - 70.723 azn (technical)


cultivation and sale of lettuce "Iceberg" open field

Executive Summary

The purpose of this project is the cultivation of iceberg lettuce "Iceberg" on the property with 5 hectares of open ground and its implementation in the foreign market. My proposed product is grown clean and highly productive method. Total cost for the first phase of the project is 115.000 azn.

. 2. Product

Products are varieties of lettuce "Iceberg" - organic food, grown without the use of pesticides.

In the first stage of its work, I share in the 7 steps:. • installation of modern nursery fo seedlings ; · sowing the seeds of lettuce and a strict temperature control in the chamber • Care of seedlings while finding the seedlings in the nursery

• transplanting seedlings of lettuce "Iceberg" on the planned areas

• care spaces;

• harvesting;

• Implementation grown produce.

The price per kilo of salad "Iceberg" for resale abroad, I plan to establish an average 3,0 azn per kilogram. In the first phase of a total usable area of 5 hectares and plan to realize 80.000 kg. lettuce in the amount of 240.000 azn.

T A B L E A necessary materials, fertilizers and seeds for growing seedlings of lettuce "Iceberg" and later transplant these seedlings in greenhouses with a total area of 5 hectares  
№№ Name of material and fertilizers Required Quantity (kg) packing format The required number of packages Price for one pack Sum (azn)  
Seeds "Iceberg" ("Rijk Zwaan" or "Enza Zaden") 320.000 pcs. banks 5,000 pcs. 150 azn 9.600  
Peat "Pindstrup" (orange) / 1 Simeon of 0.006 gr. 1920 kg bags of 60 kg. 45 azn 1.440  
Perlite / 1 shift of 0.001 gr. 320 kg bags 7 kg. 35 azn 1.610  
Cassettes for planting the seeds (of 98 cells) 3265 pcs. pcs. 0,50 azn 1.633  
Fertilizer 18-18-18 "Kristalon" Yara 200 kg 25 kg bags. 55 azn  
"Previkur-Energy" (fungisid) 6 liter bottles of 1 liter. 42 аzн  
T O T A L : 14.975  


3.•The•production•plan. For cultivation plan 5 hectares of land divided evenly into 5 segments (ex: 47.5 x 203 m = 9,642 m²), each of which we will install 100 small tunnels with dimensions 1,40h47,5 (pr: 66,5m²). The distance between rows is equal to 0.70 cm. In each plot useful area is 6,650 m² (pr: 66,5h100) and unprofitable area of ​​2,992 m² (pr: 0,70h47,5h90). That in the future between the areas during the harvest could move freely mini-tractor, we divide the portions between a lane width of 2.5 meters and a length of 203 meters again. Since the sites will be 5, then these will automatically receive a 4 roads and those roads with a total area of ​​2,030 m² (pr: 2,5h203h4) will also be considered as an unprofitable area. In this case, of 5 hectares allotted for sowing, useful area is 33,250 m² (pr: 66,5h5) and unprofitable 16,900 m² (pr: 14,960 m²- distance between rows of tunnels + 2,030 m²- road) Each tunnel will be installed 3 drip line and near each line will be planted on 180 pieces. seedlings. Total in one tunnel, we will plant 540 seedlings of lettuce "Iceberg". In such tunnels 100 in total we will grow seedlings 54,000, and all 5 portions 270,000 units / seedling. And in order to obtain timely and phased These 270,000 pieces of high-quality seedlings, it is necessary also in stages (ex: in every week for 37.500 pcs.), 300.000 units sow seeds of lettuce "Iceberg" for 7-8 weeks. There certainly need to accurately determine in advance the capacity of a special chamber, where for 3-4 days will be held cassette seyannymi seeds in strict temperature range +16 to + 18 ° C with a humidity of at least 95% and in the dark. After the appearance of the first shoots - immediate need to make all the tapes in a prepared nursery and to lay them on specially prepared shelves. Here, too, will have to take into account the pre-nursery capacity. During the next 30-40 days the seedlings are fed with chemical fertilizers, until will not be ready for transplanting in greenhouses. Given the predicted risks of loss of 10% of the total amount of seeds that were within 30-40 in the nursery (pr: 300.000-10% = 270.000 pcs.), That these seedlings 270,000 units, also in stages, in turn will change the ground. In the following growing season begins, during which the seedlings in a timely manner and in a dose fed with chemical fertilizers. This period depending on the external and internal environment varies between 100 and 120 days. Before the beginning of the harvest is also forecast to about 20% loss of the total number of seedlings (pr: 270.000-20% = 216.000 pcs.). The amount collected salads projected somewhere 216.000 units. The weight of a high-quality lettuce "Iceberg", depending on the season, ranging between 0,350 m and 0,450 m. Harvest from 5 acres to approximately 86 ton (pr: 216.000h0.400gr = 86.400kg). Taking into account losses during storage, transportation and sale is expected to realize the 80,000 kg of lettuce "Iceberg" at the price of an average of 3,00 azn. 1 kg (ex: 80.000h3.00 azn = 240.000). In the early spring to mid-June, "Iceberg" can grow open ground in late autumn and winter, the risk of frost, suitable cultivation in greenhouses with minimal heating, and then only at night. Also in the summer need a transition to a greenhouse with artificial cooling to the temperature inside the greenhouse has risen by more than 18-20 degrees. In winter, you can also grow open ground, but on one condition, that night all the seedlings should definitely be covered with film material .but here because the temperature drop may be risks of loss


T A B L E A necessary materials, technical equipment, bio-fertilizer (manure) to the cultivation of lettuce "Iceberg in greenhouses with a total area of 5 hectares  
№№ Name of equipment Required Quantity (pcs.) Price per unit (azn) Sum (azn)  
1 Nursery (18 x 50 x 4.50) with heating and ventilation + +  
2 Greenhouses for growing lettuce (18h50h3,5) + +  
Tiller "Ural Cobra" 9.000  
Sprayer hose 100 m. ("Taral") 1.500  
Trailer to the cultivator "Taral"  
Biofertilizers 100 cc 7.500  
ЕC metr  
pH metr  
T o t a l : 18.800  

T A B L E needed fertilizer for growing (during the growing season) lettuce "Iceberg on 5 acres  
№№ Name of mineral fertilizers and pesticides: packing format package Weight Price per unit (azn) The required number of (a bottle or bag) Sum (azn)  
"Previkur" bottle 1 л  
"18-18-18"Kristalon-Yara bag 25 кг 4.950  
"Karbamid" bag 50 кг  
"Kalcium Nitrat" bag 25 кг 1.080  
"Potasium Nitrat" bag 25 кг 1.890  
"Karate" bottle 1 л  
"Procleym" bottle 0,5 гр  
"Confidor" bottle 1 л  
"Stomp" jerrycan 20 л  
"Agrimec" bottle 0,5 л  
"Movento" bottle 0,50 л  
"Metalan G" package 1 кг  
"Captan" box 1 кг  
"Bakir" box 1 кг  
"Ridomil-Gold" box 1 кг  
"Bravo" bottle 1 л  
"Hercai" bottle 0,250 гр  
T o t a l : 13.059  



T A B L E A necessary materials and equipment for the installation of irrigation systems in greenhouses  
№№ Name of equipment The required amount (meter) Price for 1 meter (azn) Sum (azn)  
1 Drip hose (16mm) 88.000 m 0.20 17.600  
2 Plastic hoses (50 mm) 1.000 m 1.00 1.000  
Plastic hoses (32 mm) 990 m 0.70  
Plastic collars (32/15 mm) 1980 pcs 2.00 3.960  
Plastic tees (50/32) 110 pcs 5.00  
Plastic Fittings (15 mm) 1980 pcs 0.20  
Plastic valves (32 mm) 110 pcs 7.00  
Plastic pipe bends (32 mm) 110 pcs 3.00  
Plugs (32 mm) 110 pcs 1.00  
Plugs (15mm) 1980 pcs 0.15  
Injection engine 2 pcs  
Water motors (3-phase) 2 pcs 1.100  
Filters (screen) 2 pcs  
Plastic tank (1 ton) 4 pcs  
T О Т А L : 28.206  


Marketing Plan

The bulk of the production is planned to be through the sale of "Belaya Dacha" in Russian. And also planned to sign a number of contracts for the supply of vegetable products with processors that are on the territory of the country, which contributes to the rapid sales. Delivery of vegetables will be our own transport in order to avoid disruption of supplies, as perishable goods. It is planned to advertise in the media (newspapers, magazines, television, billboards) .Samaya fast and efficient advertising, photo stickers is produced by our company salads on a vehicle that will deliver the goods to customers on a daily basis. It should be bright, sonorous, to attract attention. Also to be noted sustainability of our products. The purpose of advertising - a campaign to expand the range of consumers. Our company is planning the following activities: exhibitions, fairs, tastings, distribution of leaflets. The main element of the strategy against competitors and to increase the purchase of products is the low price of the products by reducing the share of the profits. To organize and conduct an advertising campaign is planned to allocate 3% of the profits.

5.-Organizational--plan Entrepreneurship will be registered as a limited liability company, for example, Ltd. "A-Iceberg". Supervises LLC "A-Iceberg" is th General Manager. To submit to the Chief Director Chief Agronomist, Chief Economist, Chief Accountant, Technical Director, Chief of Staff, the head of security, Head of the garage, supplier, logistics, site foreman. Each of the above is subject to a number of employees. In addition to these workers still need a cook, cleaner, electrician. Engaging employees is also planned. The average salary of 300 - 550 azn depending on the position and qualifications of the employee. It is expected that salaries will be time-based, ie, according to the salary for the time actually worked. The main advantage for the employee at the time wage labor is that it has a guaranteed monthly income that does not depend on the volume of production and sales in a given period of time.

Financial plan

The project will cost - 70.723 azn (technical)

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