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IT support engineer

Unit Objectives

The objective of Unit #1: IT Careersis to learn the 16 key vocabulary terms below. This is accomplished by completing the unit reading and unit activities.


Unit Vocabulary

Below is a list of key vocabulary terms in this unit.


CIO (chief information officer)

an executive position responsible for internal processes and practices; normally has a stronger business administration background than technical background

The CIO's work is often quite varied, ranging from managing a company's IT budget to overseeing staff outsourcing.

CTO (chief technical officer)

an executive position responsible for all scientific and technological issues related to a company; normally has a strong technical and somewhat less strong management background

The CEO decided to fire the CTO after the company's IT department lost a year of financial records due to poor backup procedures.

DBA (database administrator)

a person in charge of managing and maintaining relational databases and their access rights

The requirements for the DBA job position were: advanced SQL, performance tuning, and disaster recover for ORACLE systems.

Database developer

a position responsible for programming and optimizing databases

The database developer spent three months refactoring the company database to obtain 3NF (third normal form).

Enterprise architect

a high-level position responsible for understanding a business's overall needs and then designing an IT structure to support it

The firm hired an enterprise architect to oversee the development of the new software platform.

Graphic designer

a position responsible for the creation of images, typography, mock-ups for an organizations's front end systems; normally works under a company Art Director

The graphic designer had an iMac with a 27" screen, a graphics tablet instead of a mouse, and the latest version of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software.

Information architect

a position responsible for making complex data structures easy to understand and navigate; especially critical at the beginning of new software development projects to ensure the application performs in a useful way for it's intended end-users

The information architect came prepared to the meeting with some wireframes and a glossary of target vocabulary for the project.

IT manager

a job position acting as a bridge between upper management and IT; one who encourages personal development in IT staff; the boss of an IT worker

The IT Manager said the new junior developer's attitude was unacceptable.

IT security manager

a position responsible for setting best practices for securing wi-fi networks, servers, backups, laptops, and VPNs.

The IT security manager ran a password cracker on his own network users to sniff out weak passwords.

IT support engineer

a position responsible for front-line maintenance, repair of the Office IT infrastructure and well as on-demand support for end-users

An IT support engineer must be able to troubleshoot and fix almost any hardware, software, or network problem that can affect an end-user's PC.

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