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A. over-(= too much), under- (= not enough), un-, dis-, ir-, il-, im-, in-(=opposite meaning). Put one of the above prefixes in each of the spaces in the sentences below.

1. He needs a good holiday. He's suffering from ___work.

2. She didn't hear the alarm clock and ___slept.

3. There aren't enough people in the country. It's ___populated.

4. a(n) ___comfortable chair; to ___agree with someone; to ___like cheese; to ___appear round the corner; to ___lock a door; an ___polite letter; an ___literate person; an ___moral action; ___formal clothes; an ___logical answer ; an ___responsible boy; an ___patient motorist; an ___expensive present

B. Match the words and expressions from the left column with their synonyms in the right one:

1. to pass an exam; 2. to take an exam; 3. to skip classes; 4. to graduate from; 5. to do many subjects; 6. to deliver lecture; 7. to fail an exam; 8. to last; 9. to get a grant; a) to do badly in an exam. b) to do well in an examination; c) to get a degree d) to do an exam; e) to give a lecture; f) to miss lectures (deliberately) g) to study a lot of subjects; h) to receive a scholarship; i) to go on.

C.Make up sentences about yourself. Start with:

1. I dislike… 2. I’m terrified of… 3. I give up… 4. I hate… 5. I’m interested in… 6. I have trouble with… 7. I’m afraid of… 8. I love… 9. I’m fed up with… 10. I’m tired of… 11. I enjoy… 12. I like… 13. I can’t stand… 14. I prefer…

D.Translate from Russian into English.

1. Я много пропускал занятий, и поэтому не сдал экзамен.

2. По правде говоря, дорога до университета занимает у меня час.

3. В течение семестра опытные преподаватели читают лекции по начертательной геометрии.

4. Я окончил школу, сдал вступительные экзамены и поступил в университет.

5. Я трудолюбивый и сделаю все возможное, чтобы учиться в университете.

6. Я живу дома, а иногородние студенты снимают жилье или живут в общежитии.

7. Я не исключение, и как все четверокурсники потерял читательский билет.

8. Я сделаю все возможное, чтобы стать членом сборной команды нашего университета.

E. Read these sentences and say what each person is studying. Choose from the right. Use the information from the Internet.

We have to know every bone in a person's body. psychology agriculture politics architecture business studies law medicine history of art
I'm concentrating on the modernist style and the work of Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.
The way we use fertilizers is much more precise than twenty years ago.
We're going to concentrate on Freud and Jung this term.
I've been reading some books on time management.
Expressionism was really a reaction to the work of the Impressionists.
We've spent a lot of time on American foreign policy and how it has been affected by various domestic problems.
You must know this case - it's one of the most famous in legal history.

Now mark the stress on each of your answers, practice saying the words.

F.Everyday expressions.In a game with a ball practice asking questions (student A) and answering to them (student B). Then exchange the roles.

- Good morning. - Good afternoon. - Hello. - How are you? - I’m fine, thanks. And you? - How do you do? - Let me introduce myself. My name is… - Nice to meet you. - Glad to see you again. – So am I.

- Good-bye. – See you soon. – Keep in touch. - Take care of yourself. – I won’t take any more of your time.

- (Apology) – Pardon me. - Oh, that’s all right. – Excuse me. – Not at all. – I’m sorry. – Never mind. – No offence, please.

- (Emergency) – I’m lost. – I’m late. – Hurry up! – Wait! – Help! – Leave me alone! – Watch out! – Be careful! – Just a minute.


G.Read the conversation between Gleb and Sveta. Fill in the gaps. Use the Everyday expressions from F and the text.

Gleb. Hello Sveta. 1. _____.

Sveta. I am fine thanks, glad to meet you.

Gleb. 2. _____. I've heard you entered Oil and Gas University.

Sveta. Yes, you are right. Now I am 3. _____ of Technological Institute.

Gleb. My congratulations, I am going to enter this University next year too.4. _____, do you get a grant?

Sveta. Yes, I have done well in my exams and get a grant.

Gleb. Do you live in a hostel or 5. _____?

Sveta. I live at home with my parents but out-of-town students live in 6. _____.

Gleb. Do you go in for sports?

Sveta. Of course I do. I attend different sport-clubs. 7. _____ students' festivals and competitions.

Gleb. I am delighted. I'll 8. _____ to enter this University.

Sveta. Welcome. By the way, I have many friends here. We have a good time together. But we don't forget out studies at the University.


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