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Read and speak. Dialogues


Read the dialogue and memorize it.


Jim: Good afternoon.

Mary: Hello.

Jim: This is a cake for you.

Mary: Thank you. Sit down, please.

Jim: Thank you.

Man: Tea?

Jim: Yes, please.

Mary: Let’s go to the cinema.

Jim: Yes, all right.


2. Read the dialogues and dramatize them.


— How do you like your coffee? Would you like it black or white?

— White coffee, please.

— How many lumps of sugar?

— No sugar, thank you.


— Could you pass me the butter, please?

— Yes, here you are. What about cheese?

— No cheese, thank you.


— What a tasty cake! I like it very much.

— Thank you. You are very kind.

— No, I mean it. I really mean it. Your cake is really very good.


— What would you like for breakfast? Would you like eggs?

— Certainly. I like eggs very much.

— How would you like them, soft-boiled or hard-boiled?

— Soft-boiled, please.


— What are you going to have for dessert?

— Ice-cream, please.

— Chocolate or vanilla?

— Vanilla ice-cream for me, please.

— Here you are.

— Thank you.


Read the dialogue and translate it.


— What would you like for dinner tonight?

— I haven't decided yet. What would you like?

— Tomato soup, turkey or chicken.

— That sounds great. I think I'll have the same.

— Please, come in!

— Thank you.

— Please, sit down. Would you like a cup of tea?

— Yes, please.

— Help yourself to scones.

— Thank you.

— How about some cream?

— No, thank you. Gould you pass me the sugar, please?

— Yes, here you are.

— Can I have another cup of tea?

— Yes, certainly.


Read the dialogue and render it close to the text.


Grandpa: Could I have a cup of tea, please? Mother: With milk? Grandpa: Yes, please, but no sugar. Mother: And what would you like, John? Tea or coffee? Father: Coffee, please. Mother: White or black? Father: White, please. Mother: Sugar? Father: No sugar for me, thanks. Would you like tea or juice, Nancy? Nancy: I'd like juice, please. Father: What juice would you like? Apple or orange? Nancy: Orange, please. Thanks. It is great. Tom: Could you pass me the bread, please, Dad? Father: Here you are. Help yourself to some jam, Tom. Tom: Thanks a lot. Mother: Would you like another cup of tea? Grandpa: No, thank you.


Compose your own dialogues using the given dialogue as a model.

Kate: Is there any grapefruit juice?

Mum: I'm afraid there isn't. There is some orange juice and grape juice in the fridge.

Kate: Is there any fruit?

Mum: Yes, there are some bananas and pears.

Dad: Oh! We have no bread.

Fred: Bob, let's go to the shop.


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