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Read the dialogue and find some useful advice for table manners


Mum: Well, where is Mike? (Mike enters the room.) Oh, here he is. Have you washed your hands?

Mike: I'm sorry, I haven't.

Mum: I've told you many times that you should wash your hands before you have dinner.

Mike: Excuse me, Mum (Mike sits down at the table and takes bread with a fork).

Mum: You know, Mike, you shouldn't take bread with a fork. Sit straight, please and help yourself to the soup. (Mike is eating the soup and is trying to read a book.). How can you read when you eat?

Mike: But I have washed my hands.


Read the dialogues and continue them.


— You look terrible! What's the matter?

— I drank so much juice this morning.

— How much juice did you drink?

— I drank so much juice that I'm never going to drink juice again.


— What would you like for dessert?

— Is there banana ice-cream on the menu?

— I'm afraid there is not. You can take strawberry ice cream. It's good.

— Can you come over for dinner tonight?

— I'd like that very much. What time should I come?


— How is the pizza?

— It's terrible (it's not very nice).


—Do you like the salad? — Oh, yes. It's quite nice (it's very tasty). — Would you like some ice-cream? — Yes, I'd love some. It's lovely.   — Are you ready to order? — Yes. — What would you like to drink? — Mineral-water. — What would you like to eat?


— What shall we order for dessert?

— Anything you say.

— Do you mind if I order vanilla ice-cream?

— That’s all right with me.


Role-play the dialogue.


— Will you look at the menu, Mr. Petrov?

— I'm sorry, my English is not very good. It's difficult for me to choose.

— I'll recommend you to begin with a vegetable salad. Would you like some soup?

— Yes, please.

— Would you like fish for the second course?

— No, thank you. I'd like meat and potatoes.

— Good. And for dessert?

— I'd like strawberry ice-cream and a cup of coffee.


Act the dialogue in front of the class.


Andy: Where shall we sit?

Mike: Let's sit over there near the window.

Waiter: Can I help you?

Mike: Yes, could you show us the menu, please?

Waiter: Certainly. Here it is. Are you ready to order?

Mike: Yes, we'll have fish and potatoes, please.

Waiter: Anything else?

Andy: Yes, please. An apple pie and an ice-cream.

Waiter: What will you have to drink?

Andy: I'll have a peach juice.

Mike: And I'll have a strawberry juice. How do you like fish?

Andy: It's great!

Mike: How about the juice?

Andy: It's very nice, too. Thank you.

Waiter: Here is your bill. That'll be 6 pounds, please. Thank you.

Mike: Thank you. Waiter: Goodbye.

Mike: Goodbye.


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