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PART II. Fast Food


Text 1. McDonald’s: The Design Story.


Do you often eat in McDonald’s? Ask your friend about dishes they order in this restaurant.


McDonald's Corporation, a giant selling billions of hamburgers, has experienced a history of growth and profits. In spite of its huge size, McDonald's success is based on product consistency and uniformity. A customer can also expect the same level of quality from one purchase to the next at the local McDonald's store. To achieve this uniformity, each store must be stamped from the same mould. McDonald's mould was designed and maintained through the use of an extensive bureaucracy.

Rules and regulations are the gospel at McDonald's. The company's operating manual has 385 pages describing the most minute activities in each outlet. The manual prescribes that certain equipment - cigarette and candy machines - is not permitted in the stores.

It also prescribes strict standards for personnel. Men must keep their hair short and their shoes black and highly polished. Women are expected to wear hair nets and to use only very light make up.

The store manager is even provided with a maintenance reminder for each day of the year.

McDonald's uses a well-defined hierarchy. Field service managers visit each store regularly. An inspector will observe each store for three days, timing the counter operations, and checking cooking procedures. Grades are given for cleanliness, quality, and service.

Each store has a division of labour and qualified personnel. Assistant managers are assigned to cover each shift, and crew leaders are responsible for specific periods, such as breakfast and lunch. Cooks and waitresses know exactly what to do. Trainers teach new employees how to greet customers and take orders. Hostesses are assigned the task of helping young children and old people, and they coordinate birthday parties and make sure customers are comfortable.




  1. What is McDonald’s success based on?
  2. Are McDonald’s stores different?
  3. What equipment is not permitted in the stores?
  4. What should the personnel look like?
  5. Who checks the work of the stores?
  6. What are grades given for?
  7. Find what employees work in McDonald’s. What are they responsible for?



Consistency последовательность, согласованность
Uniformity единообразие
stamped from the mould (здесь) создавать по одному шаблону
the gospel (здесь) абсолютная истина
Manual инструкция, руководство
Hierarchy иерархия
Grade оценка (балл)
to make sure убедиться
to assign the task давать поручение


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