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Read and remember the phrases helpful when you order a meal in a restaurant


Waiter -shows the guests to the table 1. If you would like to follow me, please? 2. Shall I show you the way, Madam/Sir? 3. Would you like to sit over here? -presents the menu and takes the drinks order 4. Here is the menu. Here is the wine list. 5. Would you like to have a look at the menu? -takes the order 6. Are you ready to order? 7. What would you like to drink?

8. Would you like to order now?

9. Would you like another cup of coffee?

-recommends dishes to guests

10. I would recommend the Cabernet Savignon, Madam.

11. Prawn cocktail is the speciality of the house.

-shows regrets about things out of the menu

12. I’m sorry, Madam. The chicken is all gone. The veal is off.

-takes a table reservation

13. I have reserved a table for a party of three at 7.30. Is that right?



-makes a table reservation

1. Can I book a table for two, please?

2. I’d like to make a reservation for next Sunday night.

-asks for things

3. Could we have a table for three, please?

4. Could I have the menu, please?

5. Could I ask you for a bill, please?

-orders things

6. I’ll have soup to start with, please.

7. Then I’ll have a steak with Frenchfried potatoes.

8. I think I’ll have a lager, please.

9. I’m going to have the fondue.

-pays for a meal

10. How much is it?

11. Can I pay cash/by a credit card/by cheque?

Read and speak. Dialogues.

Read and dramatize dialogues 1, 2 and 3.


Dialogue 1. Man: I've already decided what I want. Woman: What's that? Man: I'm going to have the fondue. It's delicious here. Waiter: I'm sorry, sir, the fondue's off. Man: Really? In that case, let me think - I'll have the pork medallions. Woman: I think I'll have the same. Man: And we'll have a bottle of Chablis. Waiter: Very well, sir. Would you like any desserts? Man: Yes, I'd like the gateau, please. Woman: Just a coffee for me, please. Man: Make two coffees. Waiter: Thank you.    


Dialogue 2.

Woman: Could we possibly order, please?

Waiter: Certainly.

Woman: I'd like the delices de Grison, please, and the mixed salad, followed by the fondue.

Waiter: Sorry, the fondue's off tonight.

Woman: Oh. What do you recommend, then?

Waiter: The veal is very good.

Woman: Well, I'll have that, then.

Waiter: Very well, madam. And for you, sir?

Man: I'll have the salmon mousse, I think.

Waiter: And to start, sir?

Man: Nothing, thanks. Do you think you could bring us the wine list, though?

Waiter: Yes, of course.

Waiter: Are you ready to order dessert?

Woman: Yes. Could I have the parfait, please?

Man: And I'll have the souffle glace.

Waiter: Certainly.


Dialogue 3.

Waiter: Are you ready to order?

Man: Yes, I think so. I'd like the Beef Madras.

Woman: Yes. Could I have the fish, please?

Waitress: What vegetables would you like?

Woman: Mashed potatoes and peas, please.

Waitress: And would you like a starter?

Man: Yes, I'll have the erudites.

Woman: And chicken liver pate for me.

Man: No, sorry, could you change mine, please, to melon and prawn cocktail?

Waitress: Certainly.


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