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Cover the replies and retell the story in the restaurant looking only at the pictures

Have you ever been in such embarrassing situation as Larry? Tell your friend about it .


Task 4. Complete the waiter's half of the dialogue, using the prompts in brackets. Then act out the dialogue in pairs.


Waiter: (Evening.)

Customer: Good evening.

Waiter: (Two?)

Customer: Yes, please.

Waiter: (Aperitif?)

Customer: No, thanks.

Waiter: (Menu.)

Customer: Thanks.

Waiter: (Order?)

Customer: Well, I'm not quite sure what to have.

Waiter: (The veal?)

Customer: All right. I'll have that.

Waiter: (To start?)

Customer: Almond soup, please.

Waiter: (Wine?)

Customer: Yes. A bottle of house white, please.

Waiter: (All right?)

Customer: Yes, thanks. Delicious.

Waiter: (Dessert?)

Customer: Hazelnut gateau for me, I think.

Waiter: (Coffee?)

Customer: Yes, thanks. That would be nice.


Task 5.

1)Match the verbs with the phrases. For example 1 ® b). Memorize them.


1 made with a) cook in an oven without using oil or fat
2 range of b) list of ingredients in a dish
3 stuff with c) accompanies a main dish
4 roast d) fill with something
5 bake e) cook in oil or fat in an oven or over a fire
6 served with f) number of similar things


2)Match the dishes with the ingredients. For example 1 ® b).


1. Hungarian goulash is made with a) a mayonnaise dressing
2.Ratatouille is made with b) beef and vegetables
3. Ratafia is made from c) almonds
4. Pasta is made from d) tomatoes and lettuce
5. A seafood cocktail is served with e) flour, eggs and water
6. Hamburgers are often served with f) red peppers, aubergines and courgettes


3) Check how well you remember the words and phrases: cover one of the columns and recall the other part.


Have Fun!


Use the clues to complete this food crossword. The first letters are given in brackets.


Across: 3. it makes food sweet (s…) 4. ratatouille is ____ with peppers, aubergines and courgettes (m…) 5. hot starter (s…) 8. popular Italian food (s…) 9. it's made from cow, goat and sheep's milk (c…) 10. common method of cooking meat (r…) 11. waiter brings you this at the end of a meal (b…) 13. drink made from fruit, typically oranges (j…) Down: 1. cook food in oil on a stove (f…) 2. orange vegetable that rabbits eat (c…) 6. small, round, green vegetable (p…) 7. red, white or rose drink made from grapes (w…) 8. pink fish (s..) 12. it keeps your drink cold (i…)


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