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Act dialogues according to the situations


1. You are booking a table for two in a restaurant. Ask a waiter about the menu, the most delicious things on the menu, drinks.

2. You and your friend are strolling around the town. You want to have a quick snack, but your friend is really hungry and wants to go to a café.

3. In the street a stranger asks you about where in Tyumen he can have a cheap but tasty meal. Recommend some eateries in Tyumen and say how to get there.

4. You are a guest at the Metropolis restaurant. A delicious meal is over but the bill includes two dishes you didn’t order. Explain the situation to a waiter.

5. You are a manager in an expensive restaurant. You have a difficult guest who is complaining about the service and the food. Try to resolve the problem. Be polite and tactful. 6. Your parents celebrate a wedding anniversary soon. You are organizing a party in a restaurant. Role-play a conversation with a manager: discuss the date, the number of guests, the music, and the menu for this special occasion, of course.

7. You are a waiter in a Russian (Italian, French, etc.) restaurant. A very curious guest from abroad asks you about the dishes on the menu: what they are made of, how they taste. Explain and

“promote” the menu so as to make him order as many dishes as possible.

8. You are a student so you don’t have much money. But you want to have a budget birthday party and invite your friends to a café (pizzeria). Book a table, discuss the menu with a manager and don’t forget about low prices!




You can see various menus below. Choose any menu and role-play the dialogue with your friends in pairs and groups.



1. Menu   Starters Broccoli Soup Home-made Chicken Liver Pate Tagliatelle with Courgettes, Cream and Bacon Main Courses Baked Salmon with Spinach Breast of Chicken in a White Wine Sauce with Mushrooms Grilled Fillet Steak in a Pepper Sauce Mushroom Risotto Desserts Chocolate Mousse Fruit Salad Ice Cream 2. Menu   Hungarian goulash with rice Spaghetti carbonara Cod, chips and peas Roast lamb with potatoes, peas and carrots Chicken curry and rice Cheeseburger, chips and salad Vegetarian terrine made with goat’s cheese and aubergines Range of sandwiches and salads Range of fruit juices   Please pay for your food when you order at the bar


Traditional menu

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