The Phantom of the Opera


Elementary 1

Robin Hood

1. Robin Hoods real name was

A. Richard

B. Robert

C. Ronald

D. Raymond


2. King Richard was on

A. a crusade in Norway

B. a trip to the Holy Land

C. a contest in Sherwood Forest

D. a crusade in the Holy Land


3. John Little made

A. bows and arrows

B. arms

C. horse carriages

D. clothes


4. The King promised for Robin dead or alive

A. a hundred dollars

B. a winners cup

C. a hundred gold pieces

D. a hundred silver pieces


5. The sheriff arranged an archers competition

A. to win the main prize

B. to improve his mens shooting skills

C. to kill King Richard

D. to capture Robin


Mr. Bean in Town

Chapter 1 (Restaurant)


1. Mr. Bean goes to

A. a restaurant on his birthday

B. a café to see his friends

C. a concert on his birthday

D. see a movie at the cinema


2. Mr. Bean writes

A. a note to the waiter

B. a letter to the manager

C. a birthday card to himself

D. a letter to the restaurant


3. Mr. Bean has enough money

A. to order anything from the menu

B. to order a steak tartare

C. to leave the change to the waiter

D. to order his favorite song played by the band


4. Mr. Bean doesnt want

A. to taste the wine

B. to discuss the wine with the waiter

C. to offer a glass of wine to the manager

D. the second glass of wine


5. Mr. Bean understands the meat which he has ordered

A. is burnt

B. is too tough

C. is not salty enough

D. is not cooked


Chapter 2 (Launderette)


1. Mr. Bean drives to a launderette

A. in his car

B. by taxi

C. by bus

D. in his friends car


2. Mr. Bean must pay for using the washing machine

A. one pound

B. two pounds

C. three pounds

D. more money than he has with him


3. Mr. Bean decides not to quarrel with the big young man because

A. he doesnt like to fight

B. he is afraid of the young man

C. he sees dirty suits in the young mans bag

D. he likes the woman near the next washing machine


4. Mr. Bean looks for his trousers

A. among the big young mans clothes

B. among the other peoples clothes

C. in a waste basket

D. among the womans clothes



5. The karate suit in the washing machine

A. becomes brown because of the coffee

B. becomes brown because of the tea

C. becomes clean after washing

D. becomes gray because of the coffee


Inca Mummy Girl

Chapter 1-3


1. There is a South American

A. museum at the local Exhibition Center

B. exhibition at the local museum

C. show at Sunnydale Museum

D. exhibition at Buffys school


2. The mummy in the sarcophagus

A. is of a teenage boy

B. is holding a gold knife

C. is covered with a gold plate

D. is holding a gold plate


3. The mummy

A. wakes and kisses Rodney

B. kills Rodney with a knife

C. gives Rodney the gold plate

D. scares Rodney to death


4. Buffy and her friends hope the exchange student from South America

A. will help to translate the pictures on the plate

B. will help to find Rodney

C. will teach them the Spanish language

D. will not bother them


5. Ampada asks Buffy

A. to teach her English

B. to show the South American museum

C. to go shopping with her

D. to teach her everything about life

Inca Mummy Girl

Chapter 4-7


6. Mr. Giles is from

A. Buffys school

B. The Exhibition Centre

C. an archeology club

D. Sunnydale museum


7. Xander teaches Ampada

A. to speak English

B. to play basketball

C. life in America

D. South American history


8. Giles says the mummy

A. kills people to live on

B. looks like Rodneys killer

C. is protected by the gold plate

D. was Ampatas killer


9. Buffy becomes suspicious because

A. Ampata doesnt know modern life

B. Ampata doesnt like to go shopping

C. she sees boys clothes in Ampatas bags

D. Buffys friends find her amusing


10. Ampata breaks the last piece of the plate

A. to become a mummy again

B. to kill Giles

C. to become younger and stronger

D. to become the Inca Princess



Chapter 1-2


1. Principal Snyder

A. makes records of the pupils to take part in a game

B. makes records of the pupils to take part in a concert

C. makes records of the school staff in a trick-or-treaters

D. wants to participate in Halloween


2. Buffy wants to find some information about Angel

A. because she loves him

B. because she doesnt know well enough after 2 years acquaintance

C. because she gets suspicious

D. because Giles has told her something strange about Angel


3. The Watcher Diaries

A. is Giless book

B. is a school newspaper

C. is kept in Giless house

D. is Buffys favorite book


4. The costume shop-owner Ethan

A. sells the long red dress to Buffy

B. gives the long red dress to Buffy

C. tells that the dress is magic

D. is happy to sell the dress


5. Giles

A. teaches history in Buffys school

B. works at a library

C. is interested in archeology

D. enjoys taking part in Halloween



Chapter 3-5


6. The girl looking like Buffy

A. doesnt like rock music

B. understands the reality very well

C. likes to ride in a car

D. lives in 1775


7. Willow goes to

A. Cordelia to dance with her

B. Giles to talk to him

C. Buffys house for a party

D. Ethans shop to buy a dress


8. Cordelia took

A. her cat suit from Ethans shop

B. her cat suit from the Party Town shop

C. her vampire suit from the Party Town shop

D. her vampire suit Ethans shop


9. Who comes to Ethans shop

A. Willow and Giles to buy a costume

B. Willow and Giles to fight against him

C. Buffy and Angel to fight against him

D. Buffy and Giles to buy a costume


10. A man wants to attack Buffy

A. in the town library

B. at Ethans shop

C. in a bad part of the town

D. at school


The Phantom of the Opera

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