The Last of the Mohicans

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Silver Blaze

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

The Yellow Face

A Scandal in Bohemia

The Five Orange Pips

The Speckled Band

A Case Of Identity


Elementary 2


The Coldest Place On Earth

1. Amundsens ship The Fram

A. was going to the North Pole

B. was going to the South Pole

C. was going to Norway

D. first went to the East


2. The first man to come to the North Pole was

A. British

B. Norwegian

C. American

D. Italian


3.Amundsen was racing to the Pole

A. with sledges pulled by ponies

B. with sledges pulled by dogs

C. with men carrying the load themselves

D. without heavy load


4.The rest of Amundsens men were living in

A. a tent

B. a brick house

C. holes under the snow

D. a wooden house


5.The Englishmen were waiting for Scott to return

A. at the Pole

B. at Cape Evans

C. on the Terra Nova

D. in Framhaim

The Emperor

1. John Higgins was travelling alone because:

A. he was only second hardest employee of the bank

B. he had no family of his own

C. he didnt like to travel with his wife

D. his family didnt want to go with him


2. Murgatroyd and Higginss guide received for his service

A. total of 50 dollars

B. total of 25 dollars

C. 50 dollars from each

D. 100 dollars from both


3. Murgatroyd decided to live on the island because

A. his wife loved the place

B. he loved his wife

C. he loved fishing

D. he didnt like his work in the bank


Used In Evidence

4. The houses in Mayo Road were more than

A. a century old

B. 50 years old

C. two hundred years old

D. a dozen years old


5. The door of Mr. Larkins house was broken by

A. the police

B. workers

C. the Chief Housing Officer

D. Mr. Larkins neighbors

Rich Man, Poor Man

1. Adam and his wife Martha lived:

A. in London

B. in a big city

C. on a farm

D. in a little village


2. Adams son Saul

A. sent a hundred dollars to his sisters

B. sent Adam a birthday card

C. sent some money to Adam

D. sent Adam a telegram


3. Adam needed a photograph

A. to get a personal document

B. to send some money to his family

C. to send the photograph to his son

D. to keep the photograph in his album


The Mill On The Floss

4. Maggie Tilliver was

A. younger than her brother

B. as young as her brother

C. older than her brother

D. Toms elder sister


5. Maggies brother

A. liked his sisters boyfriend

B. wanted his sister to marry Philip Wakem

C. didnt approve of Maggies relations with Philip Wakem

D. hated his school



1. Why did the police officer eat Carls passport?

A. He was very hungry.

B. He didnt want the hijacker to know Carls name.

C. He wanted the hijacker to kill Carl.

D. The passport contained secret information


2. Why did the hijacker kill the passenger?

A. For fun

B. To startle the others

C. Because his brothers were not free

D. To frighten the police


3. The Hijackers brothers were in prison because

A. They had killed a lot of people

B. They had robbed an old lady

C. They had been sentenced for a wrong accusation

D. They hadnt bribed the judge


4. What nationalities were the people at the plane?

A. Americans, British, Brazilians, Chinese

B. British, Chinese, Germans, Americans

C. Brazilians, Chinese, Russians, British

D. All these


5. Whom did Carl meet at the bottom of the steps in darkness?

A. The pilot

B. A newspaper photographer

C. Helen Sanberg

D. His brother


Space Invaders


1. What did Stefan Varon find under the ground?

A. a diamond

B. a yellow crystal

C. a red crystal

D. a sapphier


2. Where did Stefan telephone?

A. his spaceship

B. unknown spaceship

C. Zeron guards spaceship

D. The Earth


3. Who said that Miranda and Garth would be rich when they got back to earth?

A. Omega

B. Varon

C. Zeron guards

D. Nobody ever said it


4. Whose idea was to steal another crystal?

A. Varons

B. Omegas

C. Garths

D. Mirandas


5. Who stayed alive?

A. Miranda

B. Nobody

C. Garth

D. Varon


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