The House On The Hill. 1. Where did Paul and Maria meet?


1. Where did Paul and Maria meet?

A. near the hill

B. by the river

C. at the market

D. in a restaurant


2. Whom did Paul live with?

A. alone with mother

B. with his cousin

C. with his parents

D. with his granny


3. What was Marias reaction for Pauls proposal of marriage?

A. she walked away silently

B. she loved him but married a rich writer

C. she accepted his marriage proposal

D. she laughed at him


4. What interesting information did Paul find in the newspaper?

A. a rich mans beautiful bride

B. an offer for a job in the newspaper

C. a prize for the best story for the newspaper

D. results of a horserace


5. Which of the following did Maria love?

A. to go to parties and enjoy herself

B. her husband

C. Paul

D. Walking in a park alone


Ride the Lightning


6. Where did Holly Ann get the name of a detective from?

A. from an advertisement

B. someones advice

C. a phone book

D. from a TV show


7. What happened in the liquor store?

A. a quarrel

B. a robbery

C. a fight

D. a fire


8. How did Curtis Colt die?

A. he was hanged

B. he was shot dead

C. he died in the electric chair

D. he died in a plane crash


9. Who turned out to be the gunman?

A. Nudger

B. Len

C. Holly Ann

D. Colts former classmate


10. When Nudger was leaving, the air in the trailer was

A. cold

B. hot

C. warm

D. dry


Elementary 3

The Lipstick

1. Who fell out of the window?

A. a doctor

B. a coroner

C. Margaret

D. Elinor


2. What was absent from Elinors bag?

A. a lipstick

B. a notebook

C. some make-up

D. a suicide note


3. Who was shot in the chest?

A. Mrs. Hammond

B. Doctor Barclay

C. Mrs. Thompson

D. Margaret


4. When did Elinor begin to attend a psychiatrist?

A. After Easter

B. After Christmas

C. After the last day of spring

D. After a talk to her husband


5. What is Miss Smith?

A. The doctors wife

B. Elinors mother

C. A nurse

D. An office employee


6. Freds face at the inquest was

A. bored

B. happy and funny

C. puzzled and shocked

D. sad and unhappy


7. What was in Elinors bag?

A. make-up and perfume

B. a newspaper and a magazine

C. a phone and a camera

D. a notebook and a handkerchief


8. When did Elinors hairdresser notice a change in her?

A. about Christmas time

B. about Easter

C. soon after her birthday

D. before St. Valentine day


9. Who was the man watching her?

A. the postman

B. a driver

C. a teacher

D. a doctor


10. What did mother do at the end of the story?

A. cry

B. scream

C. smile

D. nothing


The Heroine


1. What had happened to Lucille before she got a job?

A. Her father had left their family.

B. Her mother had died.

C. Her mother had sent her to work.

D. Her mother had married for the second time


2. What did Lucille do with 20 dollars?

A. She refused to take it.

B. She left it to herself.

C. She lost it

D. She bought a present for her mother

Death on Christmas Eve

3. What happened to Jessie?

A. She got married.

B. She died.

C. She got lost.

D. She had a jolly Christmas party


4. Whats the age difference between Charlie and Celia?

A. Charlie is 3 years older than Celia.

B. Charlie is 5 years younger than Celia.

C. They are of the same age.

D. Charlie is 5 years older than Celia.


Death Wish

5. Why was Edward Wright killed?

A. Because Edward had killed a girl.

B. Because Edward was a bad person.

C. Because he didnt want to return a money loan.

D. It was an accident.



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