The Fall of the House of Usher

The Oblong Box Edgar

The Black Cat

The Facts in The Case of Mr Valdemar

The pit and the pendulum

A Descent Into the Maelstrom

The Masque of the Red Death

Sunnyvista City

The Black Cat

The Collector

A tidy ghost

Space Affair

1. How long did Alpha 3461 and Beta 4297 use the same room?

A. two weeks

B. three years

C. nine months

D. 24 hours


2. When did the workers learn the rule of the starship?

A. before they left the earth

B. aboard the starship

C. they didnt know the rule

D. when they were having practice


3. Where did Alpha 3461 hide the note?

A. under the bed

B. she left it in the shower

C. put it into the tap

D. in the freezer


4. What kind of information do green discs contain?

A. nothing

B. history data

C. entertainment

D. information about environment problems


5. Why did Gareth move to Alpha shift?

A. because there had been an accident

B. because Gareth had asked to transfer him to Alpha shift

C. because his shift was boring

D. because he wanted to see Sara



Love or money

Life Lines

1. What did Rachels company use computers for?

A. for publishing newspapers

B. to play games

C. to watch movies

D. for doing horoscopes


2. What was the name of the town where people had short life lines?

A. Oxford

B. Chatford

C. Brighton

D. London

Puss in boots

3. Whose was the castle in the park at the beginning?

A. the giants

B. the kings

C. Marquis of Carabass

D. The Cats


4. Which could the cat do?

A. scream

B. sing

C. speak

D. laugh

Slowly Slowly in the Wind

5. What was the nature of Edward Skipperton?

A. he was often angry

B. he was always angry

C. he was happy

D. he was always sad

Woodrow Wilson Tie

The Absence of Emily

At the Old Swimming Hole

How is Your Mother

Death in the Freezer

Three is a Lucky Number

1. Where did Ronald see Edyth for the first time?

A. at a hotel near the reception desk

B. on a bench in the park

C. on a beach

D. in a restaurant of a seaside hotel


2. Where did Edyth keep her money and business papers?

A. in a locked desk drawer

B. in the closet

C. in a jar with some cereal

D. in a box

The Merchant of Venice

3. Which chest did Bassanio choose?

A. the golden one

B. the silver one

C. the lead one

D. none


4. What would Shylock take if Antonio didnt pay the debt?

A. a pound of flesh

B. more money

C. his house

D. his ships


5. Whom was Shylock ordered to give his money?

A. Venice

B. Antonio

C. Venice and Antonio

D. Venice and Shylocks daughter


The Signalman

The upper Berth

In the dark


Pre-intermediate 1

Grapes of Wrath

Chapter 1-3

1. The man sitting under the tree was:

A. a driver

B. a priest

C. a policeman

D. Toms relative


2. How did Muley get his food?

A. he went to pubs for meals

B. his relatives gave him some food

C. he caught wild animals

D. he begged for food at shops


3. Toms family was going to leave the old place because

A. they liked a new one

B. they didnt want Tom to live with them

C. they were forced to leave because of the landowners demands

D. they didnt like their neighbours


4. Tom could drive a truck because

A. he worked as a driver while he was in prison

B. he sold trucks

C. he was taught driving in the army

D. no-one else in the family wanted to learn to drive


5. When the family stopped to spend the night by the road side Toms grandpa

A. felt happy

B. was ill

C. decided to cook supper

D. helped Tom to make fire


Chapter 4-6


6. Wilson had expected

A. that his car was going to break down

B. that his car was going to reach their destination safely

C. their journey would be a great fun

D. he could take more passengers in his car



7. Why didnt Mather want to go on the trip separately?

A. She was afraid of being robbed.

B. She was sure the rest of the family would get lost.

C. She didnt know how to make a camp.

D. She thought Tom wouldnt be able to repair the car.


8. A poor man at the camp

A. told how he had worked in California

B. helped to find a good spare part for their car

C. told about recruiting workers for jobs

D. had a quarrel with Tom


9. A policeman at the bank of the river

A. welcomed the travelers

B. helped them to find a better place

C. ordered to leave the place as soon as possible

D. laughed at the women in the tent


10. Tom wanted to find the government camp because

A. he hoped it would be a better place

B. the police was going to kill him

C. he wanted to burn the camp

D. he could find a job in the camp



Chapter 7-9

11. The government camp that Tom found

A. was controlled by the police

B. was controlled by the residents representatives

C. was free for new migrants

D. was closed for migrants from Oklahoma


12. The Farmers' Association is going to

A. arrange a dance party in the government camp

B. show movies in the evening

C. provoke a shooting in the camp to let the police in

D. provide new jobs for the migrants


13. Tom wasnt allowed to go out of the Hooper Ranch camp because

A. he was going to have trouble with the local people

B. he could steal some peaches

C. the employers didnt want him to know there was going to be a strike

D. the employers were afraid he wouldnt return to work


14. In the old barn there was

A. a man and a boy

B. a big family

C. a truck

D. an old man with his granddaughter


15. Ruthie

A. gave a safe birth to her baby

B. wanted to save a stranger dying of hunger

C. was strong enough to help the men escape prom the flood

D. helped to carry Pa up to the truck



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