Choose the correct word or phrase

Section 1




Look at the sentences about a band. Read the text and decide if each sentence is correct. If it is correct, write A. If it is incorrect, write B.

1 There are four people in the band. _________

2They are going to go to university. _________

3They play other peoples songs. _________

4 They dont have a bus. _________

5They wont forget the little places. _________


My band

Im in a band with my friends Ron, Paul and Bingo. We think were the next big thing. Thats why we called our band The Next Big Thing! Were going to be famous and in the near future, too! We practise all the time, and when we finish school, we arent going to go to university. We want to spend a lot of time playing music together. We have big plans, and there wont be time for university!


We have a CD and we wrote all the songs ourselves. Were going to sell the CD at our concerts. Were playing tomorrow in our town, and after that theres going to be a tour. Were travelling in our bus, but well visit a lot of places. Were going to show everyone what we can do. Were getting ready tonight. Its going to be great!


When were famous, well play big concerts. On this tour, were playing in small places, but you can be sure we wont forget the little places. So come to our concert tomorrow, and one day, youll say I knew them before they were famous!


Section 2




Read the text and decide which answer (a, b or c) best fits each gap.

What will the future bring for all of us? Who will be (0) cin the future? For example, look at the people in my class at school. Who do you think will be rich and (1) _____ one day?

Maybe it will be Pete. Pete wants to go to (2) _____ school and study to become an (3) _____ in the theatre. Later, he wants to go on (4) _____ to show everyone what he can do. Thats in the (5) _____ future though, when he finishes his training. Tonight hes (6) _____ in a play at the (7) _____ theatre. Almost (8) _____ of our class will go and see him we all want to encourage him and to wish him good (9) _____ . Maybe he wont become a famous star and maybe he will nobody can know for (10) _____ .



0 a succeed b success c successful

1 a star b famous c local

2 a actor b drama c tour

3 a act b acting c actor

4 a play b local c tour

5 a distant b recent c most

6 a playing b going c appearing

7 a near b distant c local

8 a all b quarter c none

9 ashow b luck ctime

10 a sure b half c real


3 Circle the word that doesnt belong.


0quarter thirdall

1recent near distant

2 famous almost successful

3 guess half predict

4 worried nervous famous

5 business band company

6 third half first

7 none most almost

8 practise future get ready

9 whizz play actor

10 success grow develop


Choose the correct word or phrase.

0What do you want to study at future / university?

1 He wants to write a bestseller / tour. He loves writing stories, so maybe hell succeed.

2 After they make their new CD, theyre going to tour / use Europe.

3 When Josh passes his exams, hes going to drama / fortune teller school.

4 I hope something good happens to me in the near / closefuture.

5 When I was young, I was a real whizz kid / actorwith computers.

6 Dont worry / guess everything will be alright.

7 She works for a successful computer program / company.

8 Nobody knows for sure / right if they will pass the exams.

9 I like reading stories about the distant / farpast.

10 Have you seen that new circle / app for mobile phones?




Section 3




5 Tick (ü) the correct sentences. Underline the mistake in the incorrect

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