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C. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals

1.A flash of struck the wing of the plane. LIGHT

2.Critics say that there is a lack of in her latest novel. CREATIVE

3. I am looking forward to a holiday in Bali. CARE

4.The bodyguard saved the President’s life. COURAGE

5.Desert use the moon and the stars to find their way. WANDER

6.The Williams family are famous for their . HOSPITABLE

7.The city’s plans include a new leisure centre. DEVELOP

8. Clive has been given a pay rise and at work. PROMOTE




D. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words/phrases in the box.


grow apart inhabitant gossip patience
acquaintance flatmate webcam fairly


1.We bought a couple of so we can see each other when we chat online.

2.The celebrity said that she never listened to .

3. Two of the village were reported missing after the fire.

4.Are you sure that the decision was made ?

5.Sue feels lonely and has decided to look for a(n) .

6.Nursery school teachers must have a lot of .

7. My sister and I have over the years.

8. All of my parents’ friends and were invited to the wedding.



E. Complete the sentences below using the verbs in brackets in the correct Present


1. Robin (take) his break at the moment.

2. Jane (eat) fruit for breakfast every day, but today she
(have) plain coffee.

3. The bus (come) late every morning.

4. Laura (work) in Milan this week.

5. Lyn (have) a flamenco class on Mondays.

6. I (not understand) why I never (get)
enough sleep.

7. Excuse me, (you / use) this chair?

8. Can you see if Debbie (play) in the back garden?

9. (you / think) we can meet earlier? My sister
(come) tonight.

F. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first, using

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