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the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and

Five words, including the word given.

1.Germany is not as hot as Italy during August. much
Italy Germany during August.

2. The Bristol Hotel is cheaper than the Intercontinental. not
The Intercontinental is the Bristol


3. There is no one better than Geoff at chess in the class. best
Geoff in the class at chess.

4.When the weather becomes hotter, we should drink more water. the
The more water we should drink.

5. I thought my sister would do better in the race. well
My sister didn’t in the race as I had


6. Christina is shorter than her sister Joanna. as
Christina is her sister Joanna.

7. As I continue studying, I am more confident about the exam. study
The confident I become about the

8. The house was cheaper than we had expected. less
The house was we had expected.



G. Choose the correct option.

1. Do you still drink milk every day?

a. any b. a lot of
2. If you use the tube, it will save you a lot of getting to the airport.

a. time b. times

3. My doctor advised me against drinking at night.

a. so many coffees b. so much coffee

4. I am sorry, I won’t be able to have dinner with you. I have a lot of .

a. works b. work

5. I don’t think I can make five sandwiches. We have very bread.
a. little b. a few

6. The hotel had many guests that there was not a single room available.
a. too b. so

7. Jean grew up on a farm and had to feed the every day.
a. chicken b. chickens

8. The police at the scene of the crime in seconds.
a. was b. were

9. There are a lot of things I about him.

a. dislike b. am disliking

10. This weekend I some friends.

a. am visiting b. visit


H. Read the text below and answer the questions 1-5. Choose a, b, c or d.


he area now known as the United States of America was not an unpopulated wilderness before the arrival of European settlers. Among those who were already living off the land were the Cheyenne, one of several tribes of Native Americans. Like other tribes, such as the Sioux line 7 › and the Navajo, they were put under a lot of pressure to change both where and how they lived.

Four hundred years ago the Cheyenne, whose name means ‘little red-talker’, were based in the Eastern Woodlands. Unusually for Native American tribes, they were farmers, planting corn and beans, rather than hunters. However, by the middle of the nineteenth century this had changed, and the Cheyenne had developed a horse culture and hunted bison on the Great Plains.

Traditionally, the chiefs or elders of the Cheyenne were organised into the ‘Council of Forty-Four.’ They had rules for everyday life, warfare, celebrations and ceremonies. One thing that made the Cheyenne different from other tribes, which were exclusively patriarchal, was that women were far more active in tribal affairs.

In twenty-first century America, many Cheyenne live in exactly the same way as most people in big cities do. However, there is another option for those who want to keep their traditional way of life. This is to live on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in southeast Montana, or on the Southern Cheyenne Reservation in central Oklahoma. The combined population of the Cheyenne is presently close to 20,000.


1.What does the word they refer to in line 7?
a. the Sioux and the Navajo
b. the Cheyenne
c. several Native American tribes
d. the European settlers


2.When did the Cheyenne migrate to the Great Plains?
a. around 1850
b. more than four hundred years ago

c. as soon as the Europeans arrived in America
d. in this century

3. Where would a Cheyenne who wanted a traditional way of life prefer to live?
a.on a reservation
b.in a big city
c. anywhere in Montana
d.on the Great Plains

4.Which of the following is not true?
a. Europeans were not the first people to live in the US.
b.Today some Cheyenne live on reservations.
c.The Cheyenne have always lived in the same place.
d. Women in Cheyenne communities had a higher status than women in other tribes.

5. What is the purpose of the text?
a.to give a personal account of changes in a lifestyle
b.to protest against the treatment of Native Americans
c.to give some general information about a Native American tribe
d.to explain why the Cheyenne population is very low



I. You will hear people talking in five different situations. For questions, 1-5, choose the best answer a, b or c.

1. You overhear a conversation. What can the man do on Wednesday evenings at the homeless shelter?
a. serve dinner and clean the kitchen
b. read stories to kids
c. do office duties

2. You overhear a woman talking about online chatting. What does the woman believe about chatting online?
a. It’s similar to chatting face-to-face with somebody.
b. It’s only effective when there is a web camera.
c. It’s less effective than face-to-face chatting.

3. You overhear a conversation between two friends. What is necessary for the boys to have in order to go race car driving?
a. their own car
b. a lesson
c. experience on a race car track

4. You overhear this conversation. What does the man tell the woman to do?
a. to keep trying to talk to her sister
b. to ask a counsellor to talk to her sister
c. to ask a counsellor for advice

5. You overhear a conversation. What is not mentioned about the Hindu wedding the woman attended?
a. the clothing
b. the meaning of Hindu weddings
c. the celebration



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