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Permitted Attributes


An SGML identifier used as the target for hypertext links or for naming particular elements in associated style sheets. Identifiers are NAME tokens and must be unique within the scope of the current document.


This is one of the ISO standard .It can be used by parsers to select language specific choices for quotation marks, ligatures and hypenation rules etc. The language attribute is composed from the two letter language code from ISO 639, optionally followed by a period and a two letter country code from ISO 3166.


This a space separated list of SGML NAME tokens and is used to subclass tag names.The CLASS attribute is most commonly used to attach a different style to some element, but it is recommended that where practical class names should be picked on the basis of the element's semantics, as this will permit other uses, such as restricting search through documents by matching on element class names. The conventions for choosing class names are outside the scope of this specification.

SRC (Source)

The SRC attribute specifies the URI for the image to be embedded. Its syntax is the same as that of the HREF attribute of the <A> tag. SRC is mandatory.


Specifies a message digest or cryptographic checksum for the associated graphic specified by the SRC attribute. It is used when you want to be sure that the image is indeed the same one that the author intended, and hasn't been modified in any way. WIDTH


Optional suggested height for the image. By default, this is given in pixels.


This optional attribute specifies the units for the width and height attributes.


Explain the using different programming languages

Web languagesUsed for creating and editing pages on the web. Can do anything from putting plain text on a webpage, to accessing and retrieving data from a database. Vary greatly in terms of power and complexity.

Hyper Text Markup Language.

· Javascript
webpages. With Javascript it is possible to communicate with HTML, create animations, create calculators, validate forms, and more.

· VBScript
Visual Basic Scripting Edition. Can be used to print dates, make calculations, interact with the user, and more. VBScript is based on Visual Basic, but it is much simpler.

Software languages

Used for creating executable programs. Can create anything from simple console programs that print some text to the screen to entire operating systems. Vary greatly in terms of power and complexity.

· C
An advanced programming language used for software application development. C++
Descendant of the C language. The difference between the two languages is that C++ is object-oriented..

· Visual Basic
Visual Basic is used for creating Windows applications. Java
A powerful and flexible language created by Sun MicroSystems that can be used to create applets (a program that is executed from within another program) that run inside webpages as well as software applications.

· The different generations of languages

There are currently five generations of computer programming languages. In each generation, the languages syntax has become easier to understand and more human-readable.

· First generation languages (abbreviated as 1GL) -5

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