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Describe major parts of the Processor on Computer

The central processing unit (CPU) is the brain of your computer. It handles all the instructions you give your computer, and the faster it does this, the better.

A typical CPU has a number of components. The first is the arithmetic logic unit (ALU), which performs simple arithmetic and logical operations. Second is the control unit (CU), which manages the various components of the computer. It reads and interprets instructions from memory and transforms them into a series of signals to activate other parts of the computer. The control unit calls upon the arithmetic logic unit to perform the necessary calculations.

Third is the cache, which serves as high-speed memory where instructions can be copied to and retrieved. Early CPUs consisted of many separate components, but since the 1970s, they have been constructed as a single integrated unit called a microprocessor. As such, a CPU is a specific type of microprocessor. The individual components of a CPU have become so integrated that you can't even recognize them from the outside. This CPU is about two inches by two inches in size.


CPUs are located on the motherboard. Motherboards have a socket for this, which is specific for a certain type of processor. A CPU gets very hot and therefore needs its own cooling system in the form of a heat sink and/or fan.


The ALU is where the calculations occur, but how do these calculations actually get carried out? To a computer, the world consists of zeros and ones. Inside a processor, we can store zeros and ones usingtransistors. These are microscopic switches that control the flow of electricity depending on whether the switch is on or off.

5,Describe major parts of the Computer: Storage, Peripheral Devices, Internal Components

In a computer, storage is the place where data is held in an electromagnetic or optical form for access by a computer processor. There are two general usages.

Storage is frequently used to mean the devices and data connected to the computer

through input/output operations - that is, hard disk and tape systems and other forms of storage that don't include computer memory and other in-computer storage.


2) In a more formal usage, storage has been divided into: (1) primary storage, which holds data in memory (sometimes called random access memory or RAM) and other "built-in" devices such as the processor's L1 cache

peripheral is a "device that is used to put information into or get information out of the computer."[1]

There are two different types of peripherals: input devices, which interact with or send data to the computer (mouse, keyboards, etc.), and output devices, which provide output to the user from the computer (monitors, printers, etc.). Some peripherals, such as touchscreens, can be used both as input and output devices.

2. CPUA CPU (Central Processing Unit), or processor as it is sometimescalled, is the main chip in the computer and is located on theMotherboard.The CPU processes the computer’s data and exchanges it withthe other components and peripherals. 3. MotherboardThe Motherboard, or logic board as it is known in Macintoshcomputers, is the main circuit board in the computer

4. RAMRAM or Random Accessing Memory is the main memory thatstores data on the computer.RAM is a type of volatile memory which means it requireselectricity to store data, so when the computer is powered downall the memory is wiped

5. Power SupplyThe Power Supply Unit supplies all the computer componentswhich power (electricity). The Power Supply Unit changes AC(Alternating Current) from the mains supply into DC ( DirectCurrent) which is used by the components.

6. FansOne of the main problems with computers, especially laptops, arethat they can overheat easily. 7. Adapter CardsOn the motherboard there are a couple of expansion slots. Inthese expansion slots go several printed circuit boards, oradapter cards as they are more commonly known.

8. NIC CardThe NIC, or Network Interface Card, is an adapter card thatallows the computer to connect to a network.The Wireless Network Interface Card allows the computer toaccess the network wirelessly. It uses radio signals to do so.

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