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Text 3. My Future Speciality is Professional Training. I am a student of Lutsk National Technical University

I am a student of Lutsk National Technical University. I study at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technologies. My speciality is Professional Training (Computer technologies in managing and training). The graduates of this speciality will be engineer-educators by profession.

An engineer-educator is an educational category of a specialist which comprises the profound engineering training to computer technologies in managing and fundamental psychological and pedagogical knowledge. An engineer-educator is trained to perform functions as a teacher of computer technologies in managing, to work as a foreman of industrial training and social educator in different vocational schools, lyceums, training schools, colleges and institutes. The graduate of this speciality can also work as an engineer of computer technologies in managing and as an engineer of technical training in different enterprises.

Thorough knowledge of English is also quite necessary for an engineer as computer program instructions, the software itself, all the information stored in millions computers around the world, over half the world's technical and scientific periodicals are in English. A lot of complicated devices are imported from Great Britain, Germany, Japan and other foreign countries. An engineer must know perfectly well not only our home ones. He must know them very well to be able to install the devices correctly and to repair when necessary.

At present the students of the faculty have sufficient quantity of study-rooms and laboratories fitted out with modern educational and production equipment. A powerful computer centre linked up to the local network gives the opportunity to get acquainted with modern achievements in the field of computing and data-processing.

Availability of the Internet allows to communicate with colleagues all over the world and to obtain the newest information in the field of computer technologies.

The combination of theory and practice is of great importance. While studying at the University all students do practical work in order to get experience.

Students should not forget that only when their theoretical knowledge is profound enough they will succeed in practical work and vice versa. That's why the students of our faculty do their best to become skilled specialists and take an active part in the life and progress of this country.

Vocabulary Notes

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technologies — факультет комп’ютерних наук та інформаційних технологій

Professional Training —професійне навчання

сomputer technologies in managing and training —комп’ютерні технології в управлінні та навчанні

an engineer-educator — інженер-педагог

software —програмне забезпечення

periodical["pIqrI'OdIkql] періодичне видання

educational category —педагогічна категорія

engineering training —інженерна підготовка

psychological["saIkq'lOGiIkql]and pedagogical knowledge —психолого-педагогічна категорія

foreman —майстер

industrial training —виробниче навчання

social educator —соціальний педагог

vocational school —профтехучилище

lyceum[laI'sIqm] ліцей

training school —технікум

technical training —технічне навчання

complicated['kOmplIkeItId] devices —складні прилади

home devices —вітчизняні прилади

sufficient quantity[sq'fISqnt 'kwOntItI]достатня кількість

fitted out — обладнаний

availability — наявність

to get experience — набувати досвід

to succeed in — мати успіх в ...

vice versa — навпаки

to do one's best — робити все можливе


1. Complete the following statements:

1) I am a student of … .

2) I study at … .

3) My speciality is … .

4) I’ll be … by profession.

5) An engineer-educator is trained … .

6) Thorough knowledge of foreign languages is … .

7) At present the students of the faculty have sufficient quantity of…

8) Availability of the Internet allows … .

9) Students should not forget that … .

2. Answer the following questions:

1. Where do you study?

2. What faculty do you study at?

3. What is your speciality?

4. What is an engineer-educator trained for?

5. Whom can the graduate of this speciality also work?

6. Why is thorough knowledge of foreign languages also quite necessary for an engineer-educator?

7. What have the students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technologies at their disposal?

8. What do the students of the faculty use the Internet for?

9. What must students remember concerning their theoretical knowledge?

3. Do the following tasks:

1) State the most important facts from the text and write them down;

2) Write out the key words from the text

3) Put questions to the text in order to retell it;

4) Retell the text.

Unit 2

Text Study: Computer Literacy.

Additional Text: The Need for Computer Literacy in Modern Society.

Grammar: The Past Simple Tense.

Text Study

I. Pre-reading Exercises

1. Repeat the words in chorus:

Society, arithmetics, quickly, efficiently, requirements, either, existing, compile, retrieving, through, vehi­cles, throughout, irreverently, societies.

2. While reading the text you will come across a number of international words. Try to guess what Ukrainian words they remind of you:

Potential, privileged, bank credit card, clerk, detailed, packages, specification, to adapt, logical, modifying.

3. Pay attention to some grammatical points:

1) They bring with them both economic and social changes. 2) All of us are already on the way to becoming computer-literate. 3) Many actions that you have taken or observed have much in common. 4) He makes a detailed analysis of the employer's requirements. 4) He either uses standard computer packages or writes a specification for program­mers to adapt existing software or to prepare new software.

II. Reading

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