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Tell what sentences are true and what are false. 1) There are two methods of classifying computers

1) There are two methods of classifying computers. 2) Digital computers are so called because they process data that is represented in the form of discrete values. 3) Analog computers process data in the form of electrical voltages. 4) A home computer is a high-cost microcomputer of unlimited capability. 5) A personal computer is a microcomputer designed for independent use by an individual at work. 6) Computers are classified according to their size and type of processing unit. 7) The most powerful type of computer is the minicomputer.

2. Choose the right answer:

1) The output from analog computers is often in the form … .

a) figures;

b) digits;

c) of smooth graphs.

2) A word processoris a special purpose computer used in … .

a) the production;

b) the production of office documents;

c) the maths.

3) There are … according to their size.

a) mainframes, minicomputers and microcomputers;

b) large and huge computers;

c) small computers.

4) Only large companies are likely to use a … .

a) microcomputer;

b) mainframe computer;

c) embedded computer.

5) A single silicon chip is known as … .

a) a microprocessor;

b) a processor;

c) a microcomputer.

Complete the sentences.

1) Hybrid computers are computers that … . 2) A word processoris a special purpose computer used in … . 3)A personal computer is a microcomputer designed for … . 4) An embedded computer is one that … . 5) There are … by the size. 6) The microcomputer is the … . 7) The mainframe computer is the … .

4. Answer the questions:

1) What is the main distinction between classifications of computers? 2) What is the purpose of digital computers? 3) What are analog computers? 4) What are hybrid computers? 5) Where is a word processor used? 5) Why is a home computer low cost one? 7) What is a personal computer designed for? 8) What kinds of desktop computers do you know? 9) What are embedded computers? 10) What can computers be according to their size?

5. Find as quickly as possible and read out the sentences containing the following important information:

  • digital and analog computers
  • the desktop computer
  • a minicomputer

*6. Try to tell the gist of the text.

Word Study

Give Ukrainian equivalents of the following.

Main distinction, to process data, to occur at each step, the simplest digital operation, measuring instruments, circular dials, to combine feature of digital and analog computers, a special purpose computer, limited capability, workstations, sufficiently small and light, to access directly, embedded computers, domestic and industrial equipment, sharp dividing line, a single silicon chip.

Give English equivalents of the following.

Робочі станції, основна відмінність, траплятися на кожному кроці, обробляти дані, єдиний силіконовий чіп, домашнє та промислове обладнання, найпростіші числові операції, вмонтовані комп’ютери, вимірювальні інструменти, круглі циферблати, порівняно малий і легкий, прямий доступ, поєднувати риси цифрового і каналового комп’ютерів, обмежені можливості, комп’ютери спеціального призначення.

3. Match the words in A with their synonyms in B:


purpose chiefly

feature momentary

limit aim

occur boundary

circular peculiarity

temporary happen

mainly round

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