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Visions of Tomorrow

First, safety. Radiation screen are available, and have been for some years. Most of them place an emissions barrier between you and the front of your display, while others encase the entire monitor, protecting you from side and rear emission as well. Many offices already have these screens available for their workers.

The paperless office is still a dream, but the basic tools are in place. We receive mail in two basic forms: on paper in an envelope, or electronically on our computers. Most of us have access to e-mail in one form or another. That’s half the battle won. The other half is a bit more difficult, but it can be, and is being, done. All mail can be opened in the mail room and scanned into the computer using optical character recognition. Then a document-image-processing program takes over and lets you accomplish electronically what you would normally do with paper. Variable personal computer products are available for this purpose.

Computers are already much smaller than they used to be. When you start talking about laptops, notebooks, and palmtops, the question becomes, ‘How small is too small?’ FAX capabilities are already available on boards that you can plug into your computer. When you combine the technologies present in internal modems with voice recognition, the basics for having your computer replace your phone-voice line are in place.

Voice recognition is another technology that may appear limited in its present form, but it shows great promise for the future. Speaking to your computer will be a major factor in the office of the future. In some locations, it is already a major factor in the office of today. So you ask your computer a question, and it answers you - verbally.

Large display screens? You can get screens of up to 35 inches now, and between Barco and Mitsubishi competing for the honor of having the largest monitor, it is hard to predict just how big they will get in the future.

The real disaster that most of us still have to deal with is the traditional keyboard, which is the cause of much pain and suffering. New designs for strange-looking keyboards, Star Trek style, are moving from the drawing board to the factory. And the Internet already exists, with several of the research and educational facilities on its membership rolls.

Divide the text into the logical parts and give a title to each one.

Put questions to the text.

Discuss it with your groupmates.

Unit 4

Text Study: Application of Computers.

Additional Text: Computers in Education.

Grammar: Conjunctions. Impersonal Sentences.

Text Study

I. Pre-reading Exercises

1. Repeat the words in chorus:

To engage, commonplace, a research, an insti­tute, widespread, quality, accounting, to withdrawal, current, guidance, environment, recognition, view, schedule, availability, sophisticated, a vehicle, to verify, an employee, society.

2. While reading the text you will come across a number of international words. Try to guess what Ukrainian words they remind of you:

Communicating, service, manufacture, financial, terminal, million, operation, terminal, navigation, medicine, image, technician, tomography, scanner, transition, status.

3. Pay attention to some grammatical points:

1) At present a great deal of the work force of most coun­tries is engaged in creating, processing, storing, communicating and just working with information. 2) Computer-controlled robots are able to improve the quality of manufactured products and to increase the productivity of industry. 3) Computers can control the work of power stations, plants and docks. 4) Without the terminals, records of deposits and withdrawals would be difficult to maintain, and it would be impossible to make inquiries about the current sta­tus of customer accounts. 5) Computers form a part of many military systems including communication and fire control. 6) They are applied for automatic piloting and automatic navigation. 7) The computer has changed the production of copy in the newspaper industry.

II. Reading

Read the text and be ready to be ready to fill in the table:

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