Open the brackets using Perfect Participle Active or Perfect Participle Passive. Translate sentences into Ukrainian

1. (to finish) the research the scientists made the analysis of the data obtained.

2. The designer left the office (to look through) all the documents.

3. (to discuss) the functions of storage units we passed on to the consideration of control processing unit.

4. (to limit) the information capacity of a single bit to two alternatives the computer designers expressed data by a combination of bits.

5. (to translate) the program into machine language the computer architect put the program into the machine.

6. (to be coded) the instruction was transmitted to the central processing unit.

7. (to be transmitted) to the central processing unit the instruction made arithmetic-logical unit perform some computations.

8. (to be regulated) by the operator the equipment operated well.

9. Data (to be entered) correctly into the computer component of a data processing system, the need for further manipulation by humans is eliminated.

10. (to be well prepared) for the examination the pupils could answer all the questions the teacher asked them.

11. Electromechanical memories depend upon (to move) mechanical parts for their operation.

12. The time (to require) for the computer to locate and transfer data to and from a storage medium is called the access time.

13. (to be) not visible software makes possible the effective operation of computer system.

14. (to invent) magnetic tapes the Germans used them as the secondary storage medium.

15. When properly (to program) computers don't make computational errors.

16. (to be introduced) in the early 1960s magnetic disc storage has replaced magnetic tape storage.

17. The control unit ( to interpret) instructions is one of the important parts of any computer system.

18. Data ( to record) in the form of magnetized dots can be arranged to represent coded patterns of bits.

19. As (to contrast) with magnetic tapes magnetic discs can perform both sequential and random processing.

20. While (to have) no moving mechanical parts electronic memories can transfer data at very high speed.

3. Translate sentences with Absolute Participle Complex:

1. Data being accessed randomly, semiconductor memories are called random access memory (RAM).

2. The Information capacity of a Single bit being limited to two alternatives, codes are based on combination of bits.

3. Primary storage having similarity to a function of the human brain, the storage is also called memory.

4. An electron leaving the surface, the metal becomes positively charged.

5. Computer System architecture being organized around the primary storage unit, all instructions must pass through it.

6. Computer System architecture is organized around the primary storage unit, all instructions passing through it.

7. Electromechanical memories depend upon moving mechanical parts, their data access time being longer than is that of electronic memories.

8. For this reason most Computer Systems use electronic memory for primary storage, electromechanical memory being used for secondary storage.

9. Large capacity tape de-vices are used with large data processing systems, cassettes and cartridges being applied with small systems.

10. The CPU controls the Operation of the entire System, commands being issued to other parts of the System.

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