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Tell what sentences are true and what are false. 1) WWW address consists of words or numbers

1) WWW address consists of words or numbers. 2) Usenet News are the most common Web-based resources available through Telnet. 3) If you want to use online databases, library catalogs, chat services, and more you should install IRC program on your local computer. 4) Anonymous FTP is an option that allows users to exchange information on a vast range of topics with thousands of host computers on the. 5) Usenet itself is a set of machines that exchanges messages or articles from Usenet newsgroups. 6) Chat programs allow users on the Internet to connect to a specific port on the computer.

2. Choose the right answer:

1. What is necessary to do to Telnet to a computer?

a) to connect to a specific port;

b) to know its address;

c) to transfer files.

2. Where is Telnet available?

a) on the site;

b) on the personal computer account;

c) on the World Wide Web.

3. How do messages arrive in the electronic mailboxes of each list member?

a) by means of e-mail distribution;

b) by means of chat services;

c) by means of IRC program.

4. How many Usenet newsgroups are there in existence?

a) thousands of them;

b) millions of them;

c) a few of them.

5) Where are Usenet messages stored?

a) in the “chat room”;

b) in the library catalogs;

c) on central computers.

6) What can Internet users do by means of Chat programs?

a) to read books and articles, to play games, to use multimedia and others;

b) to transfer files from thousands of host computers to their personal computer account;

c) to communicate with each other by typing in real time.

3. Complete the sentences:

1) Telnet is available on … . 2) File Transfer Protocol is both ….and …. .3) FT sites contain … . 4) Usenet itself is a set of …. . 5) The users can log into the “chat room” to exchange … . 6) America Online is well-known for … . 7) With instant messaging, a user on the Web can contact … .

4. Answer the questions:

1) What is Telnet? 2) What does the computer address consist of? 3) How does a link to any Telnet resource look like? 4) What is File Transfer Protocol? 5) What is Anonymous FTP? 6) What is Usenet News?7) What is the major difference between Usenet News and e-mail discussion groups? 8) What are Chat programs? 9) What is America Online known for? 10) What is IRC? 11) What is instant messaging?

5. Find as quickly as possible and read out the sentences containing the following important information:

  • storage of Usenet messages;
  • Usenet newsgroups;
  • forms of a Chat.

*6. Try to tell the gist of the text.

Word Study

Give Ukrainian equivalents of the following.

Online databases, Web-based resources, Telnet session, anonymous FTP, host computers, personal computer account, e-mail discussion groups, to log into the “chat room”, substantive conversations, phenomenon.

Give English equivalents of the following.

Використовувати бібліотечні каталоги, складатися зі слів та цифр, під’єднатися до, зв’язок з ресурсом, встановити на локальний комп’ютер, сайт передачі файлів, розважальні теми, друк в режимі реального часу, миттєва передача повідомлення.

3. Match the words in A with their synonyms in B:


to use theme

must general

link may

common big

can connection

to make to have to…

vast to utilize

topic to produce

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