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Fill in the gaps with the words from Vocabulary Notes in the appropriate form

Chat / networks / available / Usenet / IRC /

1) The WWW project is based on the principle of universal readership: “if information is …. , then any person should be able to access it from anywhere in the world”. 2) …. is a protocol for real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing. 3) … is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message. 4) Some have noted that …. seems an inefficient protocol in the era of abundant high-speed network access. 5) Usenet was designed for the times when …. were much slower, and not always available.

Translate sentences into English using words and word combinations from the Vocabulary Notes.

1) Ви можете використовувати бази даних, бібліотечні каталоги та багато іншого в режимі онлайн, якщо підключитесь до мережі Інтернет. 2) Інтернет адреса може складатись як із слів, так і з цифр. 3) Бібліотечні каталоги – це найзагальніші інтернет-ресурси, доступні через програму Телнет. 4) Мільйони користувачів обмінюються інформацією через глобальну електронну дошку оголошень, яка називається Usenet News. 5) Повідомлення на Usenet зберігаються на центральних комп’ютерах, до яких потрібно під’єднатись, щоб прочитати ці повідомлення. 6) За допомогою чатів користувачі спілкуються між собою, друкуючи повідомлення в режимі реального часу.

6.Make up sentences from the following words and word-groups:

Model: steps, manufacturing, development, several, had, in, automated, its. - Automated manufacturing had several steps in its development.

1) To, its, a, must, Telnet, address, to, you, computer, know. 2) Web, available, the, Wide, Telnet, World, is, on. 3) Transfer, FTP, Protocol, for, File, stands. 4) electronic, a, News,board, is, bulletin, Usenet, system, global. 5) in, of, newsgroups, are, existence, Usenet, there, thousands. 6) a, rooms, Online, for, is, sponsoring, number, topical, America, well-known, of, chat.

Grammar in Use

Direct and Indirect Speech

Transform indirect commands changing direct speech into indirect one.

1) The teacher said to me: “Enter the Internet, please”. 2) “Explain to me how to solve this problem,” said my friend to me. “Don’t forget to turn the computer off,” said the teacher to students. 3) “Promise to come and repair my computer,” said Pete to his friend. 4) “Don’t be afraid of using new software” he said to me. 5) Jane said to us: “Please tell me all about programming languages.”

2. Transform sentences changing direct speech into indirect one.

1) The teacher said to us: “When we write in a symbolic language programs require the translation into the machine language. “ 2) He answered: ”Analog computers simulate physical systems.” 3) They asked: “What represents other physical quantities in analog computers?” 4) He asked: “Do digital computers count rather than measure?” 5) She asked: “Who designs computers for many different applications?” 6) We asked the teacher: “What functions do all computer systems perform?” 7) Oleg said to me: “ Will you surf the net tomorrow?” 8) I said to Mike: “ Have you bought the new hardware today?”

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