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Tell what sentences are true and what are false. 1). An assembly plant for automobiles is a well-known example of a highly automated system

1). An assembly plant for automobiles is a well-known example of a highly automated system. 2). The term automation denotes manufacturing systems where automatic devices are controlled by people. 3). Mechanization was followed by the development of automation. 4). At the beginning of the XX century the automobile industry used an integrated system of production which was known as Detroit automation. 5) Mechanization has greatly facilitated the use of feedback in manufacturing processes. 6). Lately the introduction of microprocessors and computers has made possible the development of CAD and CAM technologies. 7). A computer in FMS can be used to calculate data and perform the operation of the whole factory. 8). Many factories are highly automated or apply automation technology in all manufacturing processes.

2. Choose the right answer:

1).What is automation?

a) performing certain tasks by people only;

b) performing certain tasks by machines only;

c) performing certain tasks by special mechanical devices.

2). What are automatic devices used for?

a) to perform various operations instead of people;

b) to control human work;

c) to compete with people.

3). What were industrial robots originally designed for?

a) to teach people;

b) to perform the most complicated operations in industry;

c) to perform simple tasks in environments dangerous to human workers.

4) What principle is used in all automatic-control mechanisms?

a) the flyball principle;

b) Detroit automation;

c) the feedback principle.

5). What has made possible the development of CAD and CAM technologies?

a) the introduction of automated systems;

b) the introduction of microprocessors;

c) the introduction of computers.

6). What is a computer in FMS used for?

a) to monitor and control the operation of the whole factory.

b) to operate in dangerous environments;

c) to give the instructions for people.

3. Complete the sentences:

1) Automated manufacturing had several …. . 2). The simplification of work made it possible to … . 3). Industrial robots are now widely used to … . 4). The feedback principle is used in … . 5). Using feedback devices, machines can … . 6). Computers gave rise to the development of … . 7). Automation has also had an influence on the areas of … .

4. Answer the questions:

1) How is the term automation defined in the text? 2) What is the most familiar example» of automation given in the text? 3) What was the first step in the development of automaton? 4) What were the first robots originally designed for? 5) What was the first industry to adopt the new integrated system of production? 6) What is feedback principle? 7) What do the abbreviations CAM and CAD stand for? 8) What is FMS? 9) What industries use automation technologies?

5. Find as quickly as possible and read out the sentences containing the following important information:

  • steps of the development of automated manufacturing;
  • the feedback principle;
  • computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture technologies.

*6. Try to tell the gist of the text.

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