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Translate sentences into English using words and word combinations from the Vocabulary Notes

1). Розвиток сучасного автоматизованого контролю дозволяє швидко виявляти та виправляти помилки на виробництві. 2). Контроль якості продукції здійснюється за допомогою спеціальних приладів. 3). Автоматичні системи контролю можуть базуватись на різних технологіях. 4). Сучасні тенденції розвитку підприємства спрямовані на абсолютний автоматичний контроль ліній виробництва. 5). Зараз автоматизація базується на новітніх комп’ютерних технологіях та повній комп’ютерізації національної економіки.

6. Make up sentences from the following words and word-groups:

Model: take, forms, several, systems, automatic. -Automatic systems take several forms.

1). the nineteenth, industrial, operation, of, century, the, development, automatic, change, was, a, towards. 2). to dispense, with, labour, any, development, technical, that enables, instrument, a machine, or, is, automation, toward, a step. 3). part of, trend, their, application, the development, operation, but, well-established, a, automatic, while, in, extending, were not, revolutionary. 4). in batches, in the twentieth, rather than, idea, century, flow, the, continuous, in, of producing goods, widely, a, applied, was. 5). maintenance, rapid, and, technological, supervision, advance, skilled, reduced, to, the part, human labour, played by.

Grammar in Use

Revision of Grammar

Write out from the text all the adjectives and adverbs in comparative and superlative degree.

2. Make up questions to which the underlined words are the answers:

1). The control has been obtained by a human operator. 2) The operator has noted faults and deviations and corrected them by means of special instruments. 3). The development in automatic operation has been a part of a well-established trend. 4). The changes in automatic control have been considerably more drastic. 5). The devices have detected faults in a processed part. 6). Electronic computers have shown that man can rely on them.

Fill in the gaps in the following sentences using the appropriate form of the verb in brackets.

1) Manufacturing already (to become) one of the most important application area for automation technology. 2). Assembly operations (to be) lately performed manually, either at single assembly workstations or on assembly lines with multiple stations. 3). Programmable automation (to be) a form of automation for producing products in large quantities. 4) Loading and unloading operations (to carry) out on a special transfer sector. 5). The work modules recently(to be) designed and built with standard features for special machining operations.

Translate the following sentences and define the tense-forms which are used in the next sentences.

1) The Internet has already entered our ordinary life. 2) Because of this, any two computers on the net will be able to stay in touch with each other as long as there is a single route between them. 3) This technology was called packet switching. 4) The data is constantly being directed towards its destination by special computers along the route, intercept and even change the data being sent over the Internet.

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