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Give English equivalents of the following. Застосування роботів, відносно простий, операції по навантаженню та розвантаженню, бути обладнаним, бути розробленим для

Застосування роботів, відносно простий, операції по навантаженню та розвантаженню, бути обладнаним, бути розробленим для …, операції по обробці, розпилювання фарби, ручна праця, висока вартість, методи складання, надзвичайно важкий, відповідати якісним показникам, небезпечна операція.

3. Match the words in A with their synonyms in B:


comfortable easy

hazardous vehicle

characteristics difficult

work part convenient

utilization features

automobile detail

perform to demand

require class

complex application

simple to do

category dangerous

Fill in the gaps with the words from Vocabulary Notes in the appropriate form.

Transfer / spindle / handling / gripper / tools

1) The standardization of work and …. modules allows different systems to be created by linking them together and, if necessary, extending existing systems. 2) Loading and unloading operations are carried out on a special …. sector from which the work-pieces, after having been identified, are introduced onto the main transfer line and then routed to the work stations. 3) All NC modules making up the system are single …. types with tool change-over, with the exception of a multi-spindle unit with automatic head change. 4) The factory is fashioning machine …. from raw steel ingots. 5) Typically, two or three of the robot’s axes may be for a hand, …. or wrist type of mechanism and the others for what can be considered a shoulder and an arm.

Translate sentences into English using words and word combinations from the Vocabulary Notes.

1) Роботи використовуються для виконання важкої та небезпечної праці. 2) Деякі роботи обладнані спеціальними затискачами, щоб утримувати деталі машин. 3) На автомобільних підприємствах роботи фарбують кузови машин, покриваючи їх шаром фарби із пістолетів-розпилювачів. 4) На теперішній час не всі методи складання доступні роботам. 5) Через високу вартість людської праці кількість промислових роботів на підприємствах постійно зростає. 6) Роботи можуть виконувати дугове зварювання, рухаючи зварювальний стрижень вздовж зварювального шову.

6. Make up sentences from the following words and word-groups:

Model: to use, operations, to be, in, robots, manufacturing. - Robots are used in manufacturing operations.

1) to be, over, spray, the manipulation, of a spray-painting gun, of, painting the surface, the object, to be coated. 2). work parts, robot, or, to move, to another, materials, from one. 3). widely, for, assembly, screws, to be, in, manual, nuts, and, to use, fastening. 4). To place, conveyor, robots, one, to pick up, on, them, parts, another, from, and. 5). operations, to load, machine, and, a robot, loading, parts, to utilize, unloading, and, to unload. 6). human, a substitute, the robot, for, to provide, labour. 7). a process, which, arc, to be, the welding rod, in, welding, continuous, robot, along, to move, the welding seam.

Grammar in Use

Types of Sentences

1. Translate the following sentences paying attention to the meaning of

"should" and "would":

1. Cybernetics, computers and control systems should be introduced in hazardous industries. 2. All the data avalable should be led into the computer. 3. Should this new apparatus be tested, we could integrate it in our control system. 4. If automatic control had been used, many variable parameters would have been more reliable. 5. The automation of production would enable man to operate machines with the help of other machines. 6. The latest computers would perform several million operations in the space of just one second.

2. Analyse the type of subordinate clauses and translate the sentences into Ukrainian:

1. The automation and cybernetization of economy have given rise to unique

problems which affect the very foundations of human life.

2. The properly functioning automated production process does not need the direct participation of man, who is relieved of any forced technological connection with the machine.

3. We are increasingly dependent on robots which contribute to our comfort, protect our safety, relieve us of hard and monotonous work.

4. The design given below is described in some detail since much of it may be immediately applied to our automatic control system.

5. Scientists believe that the future of electronic automation is in self-adjusting and self-teaching machines, since they will be able to adapt themselves to the changing conditions of production.

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