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The legend tells the birds choose their mates and build their nests

St Valentine is also believed to be the saint patron of birds. The legend tells they choose their mates and begin to build their nests exactly on February 14th.

Student 3(слайд 8, 9):

Christian martyr sent a note of friendship to his jailer’s blind daughter.

But, to tell the truth, there is no historical reason why St. Valentine should be so regarded. St. Valentine was a Christian martyr, and he has been generally considered to be an Umbrian bishop executed by the Romans.

There was also another St. Valentine. He lived in Rome too, and he was known as a Christian priest who would marry young couples against the order of the Emperor, who believed that unmarried young men were better soldiers.


Student 4(слайд 10):

It is a date of a pagan Roman festivals.

February 14th taken for this Saint's Day had also been the date of a pagan Roman festival of Lupercalis when young maidens wrote their names on tiny pieces of parchment and put them into an urn to be drawn out by their boy-friends. However, it was revived in the age of the Renaissance with its profound interest in Ancient Greek and Roman culture, and love lotteries became very popular once again.

Teacher II(слайд 11):

There is a wide-spread custom of sending greeting cards or gifts to express affection. Every February 14, millions of people send Valentines to those whom they love.

In England, Valentine greeting have been popular since the Middle Ages, when lovers used to send Valentine verses to their sweethearts.

St. Valentine: (Student 1):

- It’s really interesting facts. It’s time to speak about symbols of Valentine’s Day. What symbols do you know?

Student 5(слайд 12-14):

Valentine Cards

A Valentine Card

Valentine cards are usually decorated with symbols of love and friendship. These symbols were devised many centuries ago. Lace symbolizes a net for catching one's heart, if you get a Valentine with a piece of lace you may understand that the person who sent it must be crazy about you. A symbol should have several meanings, so some experts maintain that lace stands for a bridal veil. A ribbon means that the person is tied up, while hearts, which are the most common romantic symbol, denote eternal love. Red roses are also often used as a love emblem.

Student 6(слайд 15): Cupid and Endless – Love Knot

Cupid, the Roman god of love, has also become one of the most famous Valentine symbols. Cupid is traditionally depicted as a charming boy with a bow and arrows. He was a perfect archer and was said to shoot his arrows into the human hearts. The wounded persons im­mediately fell in love.



Cupid, the God of Love

Студент 7 (слайд 16)

The Endless – Love Knot,also called the True Love

Knot, has also become traditional feature of

Valentine's Day. It is usually an intricate pat­tern of

interlocking hearts that is generally hand-drawn. It is

not so easy to invent the True-Love Knot of your own, but

true love can cre­ate miracles!

The Endless – Love Knot

Слайд 17

St. Valentine:

-I see you know much about romantic symbols of Love and Faithfulness. As for me I want to know more about modern traditions of celebrating the feast.

What can you say about this fact?

Student 8(слайд 18-19):

Valentine’s Box and Valentine Poem.

There are many ways to know the name of a sweet heart, but all of them are the development of the Ro­man name-drawing. At present St. Valentine's parties the slips of paper with names written on them are dropped into a Valentine box. It is usually a cardboard box decorated with white lace, red hearts and blue forget-me-nots. It has also become traditional to put verses into the Valentine box. If you are going to at­tend a St. Valentine's party, be ready to drop a small poem into it. You may write something like this:

I'll be your sweetheart,

And you will be mine,

All of my life

I'll be your Valentine.


The rose is red, the violets are blue,

The honey's sweet and so are you.

Thou art my love and I am thine,

My best-beloved Valentine.

Student 9(слайд 20-21):

To exchange gifts

Everybody will have lots of fun in reaching into the box and reading such unpretentious lines. It has be­come traditional to exchange gifts on

St. Valentine's Day. Present-giving on this day was not confined to sweethearts. Until very recently, children used to go about singing,

Good morrow, Valentine,

First 'tis yours, then 'tis mine,

Please to give me a Valentine.

They were given some small presents, money, fruit or Valentine Buns specially made for the occasion. This was a morning activity, and children were supposed to go out before sunrise.

Student 10(слайд 22):

In some parts of Britain St.Valentine's Eve was a great present-giving anniversary both for children and adults. Anonymous gifts of all kinds were laid upon the door-steps of houses, and the givers took care to do it secretly and got out of sight before the door could be opened.

Such secrecy was considered essential, and a great part of the fun of St. Valentine's Day consisted in trying to identify the anonymous giver. There was time when the presents given on this anniversary were more numerous than Christmas ones.

St. Valentine(Слайд 23)

-Thank you very much. You really know much about my feast.

I want you remember me and celebrate my feast every year.


Thank you very much for your coming St. Valentine. Join us to celebrate and you may take a seat there.

(Слайд 24)

So today we've learnt about the origin of St. Valentine Day. On this day many couples become engaged;

- birds choose their mates and build their nests;

- Christian martyr sent a note of friendship;

- It was the date of a pagan Roman festival of Lupercalic.

Everybody knows symbols of this feast:

- Valentine cards where you can see lace;

- Ribbon and red rose;

- Cupid with a bow and an arrow;

- Endless- Love Knot.

Nowadays St. Valentine is very popular and it deals with Valentine box, Valentine small poem, and people, of course, like to change gifts.

(Слайд 25)

(Звучить повільна, романтична мелодія.. Присутні підписують «валентинки» і опускають у «Valentine Box».)

Розвиток навичок усного і писемного мовлення.


Developing oral skills:

Some people say that time heals any heart pain. One wise man said that nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced. Even a proverb is no proverb to you until your life has illustrated to you. English proverbs embody English people’s wisdom. Your task will be to make these proverbs about love complete. I’ll tell you the first half of a proverb and you‘ll make complete and translate it. The winning person should be first to complete the proverb. For the correct answer I’ll give you “a heart”.

1. Love is blind.

2. Love conquers all.

3. Marriages are made in heaven.

4. When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out of the window.

5. Love makes the world go round.

6. Old love does not rust.

7. Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.

8. Love me, love my dog.


Developing writing skills:

Love is a very warm affection for someone who attracts you. This strong emotion may last not only one winter but also years; it can make you happy and you will be satisfied with your life. Now I would like to offer you one more kind of work. It is a love poem which was sent in the envelope. But something had happened with the letter. It was cut into small pieces. Your task is to make the sentences complete and read your variant. Who will be the first? You’re the winner and you‘ll get “a heart”.

Love is a wonderful thing though it’s sad.

Love makes you happy and goes to your head.

Love keeps you smiling, no trace of a frown.

Love keeps you warm on a cold winter night

Love makes you day dream, makes things

seem alright.

Love seems for ever!

Love never end! Until those dreaded words

let’s still be friends.

III. Заключне слово викладача:


Что есть Любовь? Никто не знает,

Но каждый думает своё.

Одни в любовь легко играют,

Другие платят за неё.

А третьи ждут и не дождутся –

Душа черствеет с каждым днём.

И, повстречав, не улыбнутся –

Уже не верится в неё.

Teacher I

Але кохання не вмирає, не перетворюється на попіл. Воно живе звуком скрипки, словом, подихом вітра. Кохання – тема вічна. Незважаючи на біду, нещастя, катаклізми, в світі панує чистота, честь та кохання.

На цьому ми завершуємо наше свято, яке нам подарував Святий Валентин.


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