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XV. Определив функцию сложного герундиального оборота, переведите предложения


1. Our returning from the institute so late surprise them.

2. Our having returned so early surprised them.

3. Excuse my coming late.

4. He liked your asking questions.

5. They are glad at our professor's having published a new text-book.

6. He insisted on that student's being sent to the conference.

7. I know of a report being made every month.

8. Have you heard of control devices being used for controlling the manufacture of some industrial processes?

9. They know of the density of the substance having been determined some time ago.


Заключительные упражнения

I. Выделите герундий в функции подлежащего. Переведите предложения


1. Using a dictionary we can translate any technical article on our speciality.

2. Using symbols in mathematics is customary.

3. Solving such a problem is not an easy task.

4. Solving that problem he carried on a very serious scientific research.

5. Playing chess we did not notice when he came in.

6. Playing chess is his favourite occupation.

7. Walking, riding, flying, dancing and sailing are familiar examples of motion.

8. Knowing the physical properties of all the substances is very Important to the chemist.

9. Reading this article ho looked up several words in a dictiona­ry.

10. Reading aloud improves your pronunciation.


II. Выделите предложения о герундием в функции определе­ния. Переведите предложения

1. Не is proud of having been awarded the order.

2. I don't like the idea of discussing this theme at the next lesson.

3. I think of going to the South this summer.

4. There are various ways of charging a body with electricity.

5. He heard of using these data for constructing the device.

6. Soviet scientists have developed a new method of producing electric power.

7. I heard of his being in Moscow just now.

8. We have a chance for solving some important problems.

9. The problem of storing energy has not yet been solved.


III. Назовите предложения с герундием в роли именной части составного сказуемого

1. For over и year they are making various observations.

2. Our aim is becoming good engineers.

3. The main function of a transformer is changing voltage in the circuit.

4. Explorers are learning to live on the ice continent.

5. Their purpose is exploring Antarctica.

6. Work is done when a force is acting over a distance.


IV. Переведите предложения


1. In solving problems it is necessary to distinguish between fact and hypothesis.

2. On returning to his native country he worked as an architect for several years.

3. By using this device we can make many experiments.

4. Tsiolkovsky understood that without mastering mathematic he would be unable to solve the most important problems of space flight.

5. They came here before finishing their work.

6. After studying the theory we can make experiments.

7. The temperature of a body increases with heating and decreases with cooling.

8. Besides being important for industry oxygen is also important for medicine.

9. Instead of coming in time he was late for about an.


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