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IX. Переведите предложения, различая инфинитив в функции подлежащего или обстоятельства цели


1. To analyse this effect is to give special attention to all the elements of the circuit.

2. To analyse this effect we shall discuss all the elements of the circuit.

3. To heat a body heat must be applied to it.

4. To prove charging by induction is not difficult at all.

5. To prove charging by induction we have to make some experiments.

6. To prove charging by induction one has to make some experiments.

7. To solve the problem of pressure is absolutely necessary for our task..

8. To translate this text you should use a dictionary.

9. To melt this metal a higher temperature must be used.

10. To carry out this research work requires special knowledge and training.

11. We use thermometers to measure temperature.

12. We study English to read English books on our speciality.


X. Определите предложения с инфинитивом в функции именной части составного сказуемого (task + to be + Infinitive)

1. We were to maintain a flow of that liquid in the pipe.

2. Our duty is to defend our country.

3. That assistant was to compare the resistance of the two conductors.

4. We are to control the speed of these particles.

5. He is to demonstrate the results of his experiments next Monday.

6. His aim is to demonstrate the results of his experiment.

7. The only method to solve the problem is to make some experiments.


XI. Переведите предложения с инфинитивом в функции именной части составного сказуемого словами "состоит в том, чтобы (заключается в том, чтобы)"

1. Your work is to observe the temperature.

2. Our task is to help this student.

3. The aim of this experiment is to determine the circuit voltage.


4. The main task of this work was to find out the nature of elect­ricity and magnetism.

5. His plan was to finish the work by the end of the month.


XII. Назовите номера предложений с инфинитивом в функции определения


1. Mendeleyev was the first to digсover the Periodic Law.

2. This mineral is to be found in the Arctic.

3. The current to be measured is supplied from a battery.

4. A voltmeter is an instrument to measure the voltage.

5. There is only one signal to be detected.

6. The student wanted to be asked аs soon as possible.


XIII. Дайте перевод Infinitive Indefinite Passive в функции определения


1. a place of interest to be seen

2. the problem to be studied

3. the work to be done

4. the article to be translated

5. the textbook to be brought

6. the law to be remembered


XIV. Переведите предложения с инфинитивом в функции определения


1. The devices to be used in this experiment will be very effective.

2. The power station to be built here will be the largest in Europe.

3. There were many questions to be answered in this field of science.

4. The results to be obtained from the experiment will give an answer to this question.

5. The methods to be described were used at our laboratory.


1. He was the last to answer the teacher's question.

2. Galileo was the first to observe sun spots with the Optic Tube in 1609.

3. The expedition to explore that region consisted of 20 men.

4. I was the first to apply this method.

5. The engineer to conduct that experiment graduated from our Institute.


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