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Talk about the kinds of fast food that are popular in the USA, Belarus and their origin



First of all I would like to point out that nowadays fast-food or the so-called “junk food” has become extremely popular. In fact, being a rapidly expanding sector of the food industry, it affects people from all sections of the community. As a rule, fast-food is served in the form of a “take-away” in restaurants, cafes or fast food outlets. It includes such products and dishes as fried fish and chips, hot pies and pastries, all kinds of sandwiches, as well as burgers, croissants, kebabs, and pizzas, also various drinks, for instance, milkshakes, soft drinks and hot beverages.

But there can be no doubt that from all meals that fast-food places have to offer, the hot dog is the most popular snack. Moreover, its origin has an interesting story. The hot dog first appeared in Germany and at that time it was called frankfurt. In the USA frankfurts started to be sold in the 1860s, and the Americans called them “dachshund sausages”, as they reminded of a dog with a very long body and short legs. Dachshund sausages became especially very popular in New York where they were sold during baseball games by the men who kept them warm in special hot-water tanks. One day in 1906 an American newspaper cartoonist named Tad Dorgan went to a baseball match. When he saw the men selling dachshund sausages, an idea for a new cartoon came into his mind. The next day he drew a bun with a dachshund inside. But as he did not know how to spell “dachshund”, he wrote under the cartoon: “Get your hot dogs!” This burlesque was a sensation, and so was the new name of the snack which is still very popular throughout the world.

Speaking of the various drinks that are sold in fast-food places, I can say without any hesitation that Coca-Cola is a true leader. And it also has the story of its origin, which began on the 8th of May in 1886 when a druggist named John Pemberton from Atlanta made brown syrup by mixing cola leaves and coca nuts. Pemberton started selling the syrup in his drugstore as a medicine to cure all kinds of problems. His accountant Frank Robinson gave the name to the beverage “Coca-Cola”. Apart from that he drew the symbol for the new product that is still in use today. After a few people bought Coca-Cola Pemberton sold its recipe to another chemist Candler who decided to sell it as soda-fountains instead of a medicine. Soon coca leaves were no longer used in Coca-Cola. Today the exact ingredients and quantities of that drink are not known, because the Coca-Cola Company keeps its recipe a secret.

In conclusion I would like to add, that fast food is mainly geared towards the younger end of the market. Nowadays fast-food manufacturers supply prepared snacks to institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. They produce a broad range of prepared meals to be available and to cater for all preferences. Nevertheless, they should pay attention to the fact that today people have become more health-concerned, and fast-food business may seriously suffer, unless it make a few steps to satisfy public growing interest in health, diet and nutrition.


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