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Тренировочные упражнения. Exercise 1. Make sentences and translate them into Russian.

Exercise 1. Make sentences and translate them into Russian.

1. She prefers a) being given instructions.

b) giving instructions.


2. I don’t mind a) going on business trips.

b) being sent on business trips.


3. He objected to a) the work being done in a hurry.

b) my doing this work.


4. It depends on a) the information being received in time.

b) our receiving the full information.


5. He liked to work without a) disturbing anyone.

b) being disturbed.


6. I hate a) telling bad news.

b) being told bad news.


7. Why do you avoid a) being seen at a disco?

b) seeing me?


Exercise 2. Insert prepositions.

1. He didn’t object ____ being examined.

2. How can we prevent them ___ signing the contract?

3. They insisted ____ processing the papers immediately.

4. He was accused ____ money laundering.

5. They didn’t succeed ___ delivering the drug cargo.

6. The investigation resulted ____ arresting the crime gang.

7. He displayed great skill ____ web. design.

8. There is no point ____ telling a lie.

9. I take the blame ____ not checking all the containers.

10. Please, go ____ speaking.

11. He is afraid ___ missing the train.

12. I was not used ____ driving a lorry.

13. I am personally responsible ___ checking all the postal items.

14. They are engaged ___ preparing a conference now.


Exercise 3. Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

1. I don’t enjoy working in shifts.

2. Does your work involve speaking foreign languages?

3. The computers at that check-point need upgrading.

4. I can’t make a report without presenting some statistic data.

5. Before calculating the amount of duty we classified the goods properly.

6. I wonder what prevented them from getting Culture Ministry permission for export.

7. The arrested man was suspected of importing infringing merchandise.

8. Getting a patent is easier than protecting the copyright.

9. They succeeded in finding drugs concealed amongst personal effects.

10. There are several ways of determining customs value.

11. After obtaining necessary information we carried out the controlled delivery.

12. You can’t learn anything without making mistakes.

13. It’s no use trying to make you see my point.

14. I am not used to speaking in public.


Exercise 4. Open the brackets using the correct form of the gerund.

1. He passed the customs control by (go) through the green channel without (stop) by anyone.

2. The passenger complained of (misinform) about the duty and tax free allowance.

3. The man wasn’t afraid of (fine) for (break) the rules.

4. This merchandise could be examined without (damage).

5. We didn’t mind (wait) in the arrival lounge.

6. After (establish) cooperation with banks we shall be able to prevent money laundering.

7. He agreed to the offer without (think) long.

8. If you carry some prohibited articles you risk (accuse) of smuggling.

9. Before (give) evidence you must swear to speak the truth.

10. I don’t remember (to visit) this warehouse before.

11. The equipment must go through a number of tests before (install).

12. Someone in the office had made a mistake, and the firm regretted (cause) the customer inconvenience.

13. He is not yet used to (operate) this machine.


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