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Exercise 5. Make true sentences. Use the words in the box or your own ideas

I like / enjoy ___________ .

I dislike / hate ___________.

I am good at ____________.

I am interested in _________.

I am crazy about __________.

I am keen on _____________.

I am fond of ______________.

I am bad at _______________.

I am bored with ____________.

I am afraid of ______________.



driving swimming

writing e-mails playing computer games

sending SMS washing up

finding a friend visiting museums

skiing sleeping

traveling reading magazines

cleaning the house shopping

painting dancing

talking on the phone watching TV

studying chatting online

riding a horse cooking

Exercise 6. Complete the sentences using gerunds.

1. I dream of ____________.

2. There are different ways of __________________.

3. I am in the habit of ___________________.

4. Now I realize the importance of ________________.

5. I see no danger /difficulty/ harm in _______________.

6. I’d like to give up _____________________.

7. I always try to avoid ___________________.

8. I can’t stand _________________________.

9. I feel like ___________________________.

10. It is no good ________________________.

11. It is worth while ______________________.

12. I can’t help _________________________.

Exercise 7. Complete the sentences using the gerunds of the given verbs.

1. My uniform is quite clean. It doesn’t

want ____________ yet. wash

2. The grass in the garden is very dry.

It wants _________________ badly. water

3. The house is old. It needs _____________. paint

4. She is famous. She doesn’t need

________________ herself. introduce

5. The windows are dirty. They need _______. clean

6. That metal detector is out of order.

It needs ________. repair

7. The computer is out of date. It needs _______. upgrade

8. The bin is full. It needs __________. empty

9. The dog is tired. It needs ________. feed

Exercise 8. Make sentences and translate them into Russian.

1. This film playing.

2. This book buying.

3. This place reading.

4. The concert translating.

5. The game is worth listening to.

6. The dish publishing.

7. The car seeing.

8. The article visiting.

9. The story trying.

10. The idea discussing.


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