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Exercise 4. Combine the sentences into one sentence using the infinitive

Model: I entered the RCA. I wanted to study law.

I entered the RCA to study law.

1. The countries have signed an agreement, they want to eliminate trade barriers.

2. They bought false passports, they wanted to immigrate illegally.

3. Customs officers carry out controlled deliveries, they want to break up smuggling operations.

4. Smugglers used a private airplane, they wanted to avoid border checks.


5. Many countries limit import, they protect home production.

6. The government is liberalizing laws, they want to promote free trade.

7. They smuggled a truckload of cigarettes, they wanted to make quick profit.

8. Customs officers try to detect fiscal fraud, their duty is to protect revenue.

9. Customs administrations wish to computerize their operations, they want to reduce clearance time.

10. Customs management communicates with trade community, they want to achieve compliance.

11.Drug smugglers use vast flow of people and cargo, they want to submerge themselves and their activities.


Exercise 5. Complete the sentences using different forms of the infinitive Translate into Russian.

1. The brokers are waiting ____ instructions. to give

2. The next vessel _____ was “Victoria”. to rummage

3. The trade environment seems ____ rapidly. to change

4. You’d better hurry. You will be sorry _____ the flight. to miss

5. It seems _____ ever since we arrived at the airport. to snow

6. Honesty is the first principle ____ when working to observe

with law enforcement bodies.

7. I hope ____ at the currency control department. to work

8. One more vehicle remained ____. to examine

9. Don’t talk much if you want people _____

to you. to listen

10. It is thoughtful of you _____ the plane

tickets in advance. to book

11. He complained that he was always

the last ___ . to inform

12. What I want is _____ in risk analysis. to engage

13. We expect laboratory analyses ______

to classify merchandise properly. to perform

14. They consider him _____ an expert in Arts. to be.

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