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Тренировочные упражнения


Exercise 1. Replace the following complex sentences by simple sentences with the Infinitive Construction.


a) Model: Nobody ever saw, as he was incompetent.

Nobody ever saw him be incompetent.


1. I heard as he explained how to classify merchandise properly.

2. I watched it when the customs officers used density meters to examine car tyres.

3. I didn’t hear as my flight was announced.

4. The inspector noticed that the declarant had left some documents on the counter.

5. Waiting for my turn I observed as other passengers stepped through metal detector.


b) Model: Will you, please, present your cash?

I want you to present your cash.


1. You must put the date and sign the form.

2. I don’t like it that you are late for work.

3. Park your truck over there.

4. Don’t leave the Customs Enclosure.

5. Show me the ship’s stores, please.


Exercise 2. Rewrite the sentences using Complex Object.

a) 1. She boarded the plane.

2. He was reading the Customs Code.

3. They were waiting in the arrival lounge.

4. The customs officer stamped the documents.

5. He paid the storage charges.

6. My colleagues were training dogs for

drug detection.

7. They were performing analyses of I saw it.

merchandise samples.

8. He sealed up the container.

9. The owner removed his goods

from the warehouse.

10. The vessel left the port.


b) 1. The customs officer explained the

reason why shipment was not


2. He was delivering a report on

smuggling trends.

3. My colleagues were discussing the I heard it.

problem of underеvaluation.

4. The driver answered the questions about

the changes in the route.

5. The passenger said that he had

nothing to declare.

6. They argued about the rate of tariff

to be applied.

7. They were talking about the

amendments to the law.

Exercise 3. Make sentences and translate them into Russian.


I know you to see the delegation off.
We expect him to be delivered on time.
They believe her to be involved in bootlegging.
The passengers   us to be a reliable business partner.
The customs officers   the passenger to have smuggled some jewellery.
The traders   the customs officer to be submitted in the authorized form.
    the documents to evade paying duties.
    the cargo to fulfil the requirements.
    the company to have a criminal record.
    the duty to apply to the Ministry for permission.
      to be a hucker.
      to present insurance polices.
      to have been smuggled.
      to facilitate paper processing.
      to be assessed properly.

Exercise 4. Complete the sentences with the infinitives.

Omit particle “to” where necessary.


1. The customs officer made me _______ to present

some articles of my baggage for inspection.

2. The handler and his dog are expected to be

_________ a good team.

3. I heard the lady _____ she had to say

nothing to declare and saw her ______ to move

towards the green channel.

4. The official ordered the documents for to check

the cargo ____ thoroughly.

5. The officer-in-charge allowed the goods

_______ into the warehouse. to take

6. They won’t let us ______ the Customs

zone till our luggage is examined. to leave

7. The snowstorm made us ______ for

the flight call for hours. to wait

8. He wanted me ______ that he was carrying

no goods for commercial purposes. to believe

9. We expect you ______ the true value of

the exported objects of art. to establish

10. What made you _____ us? to deceive

11. The court declared the person _____

guilty of money laundering. to be



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