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Пример резюмирования текста на английском языке

The article I am going to review is taken from the Internet. It is called Architecture. It deals with the definition of Architecture as a multifunctional term.

First of all, architecture can mean the art of designing and erecting different types of buildings and structures. It can also mean the practice of an architect in planning, designing and constructing activities.

It should be said that at the same time it can refer to a style and method of designing and constructing buildings and other structures.

The article goes on to say that architectural works are often perceived as cultural and political symbols and as works of art.

I’d like to add thatthe term architecture is common in the information technology world.

It should be stressed that architects plan, design and review the construction of buildings and structures for the use of people.

In conclusion I’d like to say thatarchitecture is not only the process but also the product of planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience which reflect functional, social and aesthetic considerations.

2. Второй вопрос – беглое чтение оригинального текста по специальности аспиранта. Объем – 1000-1500 печатных знаков. Время выполнения – 2 минуты. Форма проверки – передача содержания на русском языке.

Пример текста: Skyscraperwww.wikipedia.org

A skyscraper is a tall, continuously habitable building of many stories, often designed for office and commercial use. There is no official definition or height above which a building may be classified as a skyscraper. One common feature is that skyscrapers tend to make use of a steel framework structure from which walls are suspended, rather than having load-bearing walls as seen in conventional buildings.

As there is no official definition of what constitutes a skyscraper, a relatively small building may be considered one if it protrudes well above its built environment and changes the overall skyline. The maximum height of structures has progressed historically with building methods and technologies. 'Supertall' has arisen as a contemporary expression for exceptionally tall buildings, although again there is no formal definition.

The Emporis Standards Committee defines a high-rise building as "a multi-storey structure between 35–100 metres tall, or a building of unknown height from 12–39 floors" and a skyscraper as "a multi-storey building whose architectural height is at least 100 metres." Some structural engineers define a highrise as any vertical construction for which wind is a more significant load factor than earthquake or weight. Note that this criterion fits not only high-rises but some other tall structures, such as towers.

The word skyscraper often carries a connotation of pride and achievement. The skyscraper, in name and social function, is a modern expression of the age-old symbol of the world center or axis mundi: a pillar that connects earth to heaven and the four compass directions to one another.

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