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Check the flag holder

Before moving your vehicle, you should first check for proper seating of the flag holder. Also verify that all screw joints are secure. It should not be possible for the flag holder to move at all.

After driving for a short distance, check the screw joints again for the first time, and them at regular intervals depending on road conditions, and tighten them as necessary.




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Top speed

Do not drive faster than 100km/h.



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Only use our original flags

They are approx, 20 x 30 cm in size and weigh a maximum of 25g.

Heavier or larger flags increase wind load and can lead to loosening of the flag stands.

Never mount any other objects on the flag holder.


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Safety distance to magnets

The flag holder has a very strong magnet. Strong magnets can affect heart pacemakers, therefore they should be kept at a distance. Please note that strong magnets may also damage data storage media. Here too, keep such media at a safe distance.


Road rules

New road rules commenced in New South Wales on 1 December 1999. These rules included the Australian Road Rules (ARRs) which are a basically consistent set of rules which apply right across Australia and make it easier all round for road users.


The ARRs were developed by the National Road Transport Commission, State and Territory transport agencies, police, other organisations and approved by a majority vote of State Transport Ministers in February 1999.


In New South Wales, there were some changes, mainly of a minor nature.

Road rule changes


The "Changes to Road Rules in NSW Guide" provides more detailed information about the road rules introduced into NSW in 1999.


The "New Road Rules for NSW" brochure provides a summary of the key road rule changes. This brochure was delivered to households throughout NSW in late November 1999.

Australian road rules


If you wish to view and print the Australian Road Rules, please click on the link in the "Related Links" box.

Traffic engineering practice


RTA Technical Directions document traffic engineering practice. Technical Directions related to the implementation of the Australian Road Rules are available.


Give Way Rules


Stop and Give Way signs

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