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Find in every row the word, which Russian translation is given


1. товары a) vehicle, b) stages, с) substance, d)goods

2. значить, иметь в виду a) to drag, b) mean, с) to pay, d) to justify

3. грузовик a) driver, b) coal, c)lorry, d) railway

4. экипаж, автобус a) safety, b)coach, c) tube, d) traffic

5. тот же самый a) in turn, b) backward, c)t he same, d) total

6. колесо a) wind, b) weight, c) light, d) wheel

7. внутренний a) general, b) current, c) internal, d) excellent

8. двигатель a)engine, b) lorry, c) source, d) force

9. из-за a) without, b) within, c) because of, d) directly

10. сгорание a) direction, b)combustion, c) collapse, d) admission

11. измерять a) to measure, b) to settle, c) to vary, d) to repair

12. почва, грунт a) step, b) strength, c) piece, d) soil

13. заряжать a) to introduce, b) to collapse, c) to charge, d) to hand

14. если не a) also, b) although, c) no matter, d)unless

15. поверхность a) delay, b)surface, c) top, d) wood

16. главным образом a) rather, b) carefully, с)chiefly, d) really

17. широкий a) current, b)wide, c) due, d) thick

18. до некоторой степени, лучше a) furthermore, b) without, c)rather. d) in the meantime

19. рушиться a) to connect, b) to repair, c) to exist, d)to collapse

20. мостить a) to pave, b) to charge, c) to measure, d) to remark


1. Insert the missing words. Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу сло­вами.

engine the same weight
wind to collapse sources
delayed leads general
distance wide handed
charged mean connected
soil vehicle introduced

1. He did not ... anything when he said it. 2. This news comes from different ... .3. Nothing could grow in this poor dry ... . 4. The steam ... was invented in the 18th century. 5. The ... plan of the development of the city was considered at a special meeting. 6. The jeep is a small light ... with great freedom of movement especially for military use. 7. The method of construction is not ... now as it was some years ago. It is quite different. 8. A cold ... was blowing from the northwest. 9. The weight of a heavy tank caused the bridge ... . 10. The train was ... two hours by snow storms. 11. The paper was ... over to the director. 12. He says that the road ... to the forest. 13. The bridge ... the two banks of the river. 14. The lorry was ... to the full. 15. He is big and strong, he is twice my .... 16. She is an educated person and her interests are rather ... . 17. A new method has been ... at their factory this month.


Translate the following words and word combinations into Russian.


To mean nothing; a goods train; also successful; a powerful vehicle; huge lorries and coaches; the same route, an ordinary remark; numerous stages; without wind; permanent force; to manufacture car engines; internal affairs; rapid combustion; source of energy; dry soil; to beat animals; a backward country; general weakness; to drag along the road; to vary considerably; quick steps; to repair something at once; rather dark; measured distance; under repair; wide connections; the Earth surface; atomic weight; in due time; in due form; to pay in full; what's the pay; front wheel; on wheels; to wheel the car; collapse of plans; a collapsed building; without delay; rather big; nuclear device; charged with electricity; to get the same mark; to settle the question; because of the accident; a paved street; the general meaning of the word; a chief engineer; to obtain knowledge gradually; to stretch a cable; to stretch legs


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