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B) Find the synonyms of the first word in every row


1. a great deal a) quantity, b) according to, с) plenty of, d) consist of

2. to promote a) to need, b) to require, c) to receive, c) to facilitate

3. to replace a) to load, b) to cross, c) to change, d) to include

4. till a) round, b) until, c) in order to, d) for

5. to suppose a) to like, b) to find out, c) to try, d) to think

6. boat a) ship, b) fuel, c) island, d) cotton

7. to solvea) to develop, b) to consider, c) to decide, d) to send

8. betweena) round, b) among, c) in spite of, d) through

9. to supplya) to sail, b) to maintain, c) to provide, d) to move

10. inventiona) century, b) influence, c) size, d) discovery

11. to designa) to point, b) to construct, c) to test, d) to drive .

12. eartha) land, b) iron, c) steel, d) coal

Translate the following words and word combinations into Russian.


To load a ship, a loaded barge; to move slowly; weighing several tons; a plan flying northwards; to seem young; an old islander; fresh supplies; a steam ship; to fly round the Earth; to prove something; to be made of iron, steel and concrete; to replace iron; rich in timber; different sizes; to promote progress; quality and quantity; to obtain raw materials; to provide with cotton; a great deal of goods; to work smoothly; efficient measures; to supply oil; fuel for vehicles; a few re­marks; owing to the advantage; to operate well; negligible progress; reliable sources of information; to protect children, to design according to the plan; to widen a road; to deepen a river; a narrow place; to run between two points; in order to know better; at the distance of 15 miles; till 3 o'clock; till you come; in the last century; to test a new equipment; to like music and literature; for 10 years; such a beautiful garden; few words; a few words; to cross the street; before crossing the street; slow movement; to prove efficient



6. Translate the sentences into Russian paying attention to the Infinitive constructions.


1. A lot of people came to watch the ocean liner return home after a long voyage. 2: Everybody thought him to be quite a reliable person. 3. The captain declared the load to be too much for his small boat. 4. Не seems to know a great deal about the history of navigation. 5. The boat, though very small to be quite reliable? 6. The 20th century is considered to be the century of space travels. 7. The motor proved to be quite efficient. 8. Atomic ice-breakers are known to operate on a negligible of atomic fuel. 9. The results of the test were found to be very interesting. 10. I know them to be working at the problem of protecting the cosmonauts from the effect of sun radiation, have .11. Rubber is known to have been brought from America. 12. Ink is supposed to have been invented in Egypt. 13. We expected him to be appointed director of a new automobile plant. 14. This question appears to be of great importance. 15. The plan proved to be a great success. 16. He happened to leave the Institute very early that day. 17. The travelers found the people of the small island to be very friendly. 18. They reported the capacity of the new engine to have been increased. 19. The owner of the motor car wanted the old engine to have been replaced. 20. All the country watched the first Soviet motor car expedition cross the Kara-Kum Desert.

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